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Anatomy Note-Part – 1(50Q.)

1. Example of Irregular Bones –        Vertebrae & Hip bones

2. Central nerves system big & imp. Part-  cerebrum

3. What is the Vioce – box-                Larynx

4.     What is call Growth Hormons-                 thyroid hormons

5. Which is big body part- (organ)              skin

6. Mostly present in gastric secration-     HCL

7. How many no. of Cranial nerves_        12 pairs

8. How many no. of spinal nerves-       31 pairs

9. Cardiovasculaar,respiratory,B.P.,swallowing,cough,emetic center is- Medulla Oblangta

10.Largest Gland               Liver

11.largestartery                         Aorta

12.Pepsin work in pH                    3

13.Total Bones of Human Body    206    N.B.B 300

14.Total no. of Muscle                  639

15.Center Of Temprature            Hypothelemas

16.what form of glucose store in Liver Glycogen

17.No. of Chromosomes              23 pair/ 46

18.Largest part of Brain            Cerebrum

19.Blood pressur                    120/80 mmhg

20.Heart pacemaker is -              SA node

21.Food complete diagestion in     small Intestine

23.Mostly present human lady milk  Lectose

24.Size of RBC                      7micron 

25.Life Span of RBC               90-120day

26.Life Span of WBC               12-15day
27.Blood is tissue of-            connective

28.blood present in urine called      haematuria

29.pulmonary vain type of blood        pure

30.spermatogenesis time             61

31.Smallest cell                   male sperm

32. largest cell                      female Ova

33.Neck of the uterus                 Cervix

34.smallest bone is                    Stepese

35.important minral for blood clotting – Ca++

36.blood circulation Discovered By    Villium Harve

37.Blood clotting factor vita.               Vita.K

38.Urine colour for                   Urocrome

39.O2 % of Expired Air                     16% no of ribs                        12 pa. no of vertebrae                   33 / 26      

42.bigestartry                   Abdominal Aorta

43.largest endocrine gland              thyroid gland

44.human normal temperature         37centi. / 98.6 Feren time of 1 cardiac cycle        0.8 sec.

46.longest Nerves                       sciatic nerve days of pregnancy              280 Day no. of blood clotting Factor     13 chambers of HEART           4

50.heart Beat per minutes          72

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