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Q1:-Following chemicals are used as clearing agents except



C:-Cedar wood oil         

D:-Polyethylene glycol         


Correct Answer:- Option-D


Q2:-The special stain used for demonstration of muscle tissue is         

A:-Van Gieson's stain         

B:-Gomori's silver stain         

C:-Masson's trichrome stain         



Correct Answer:- Option-C


Q3:- Zenker's fluid contains the following chemicals except         

A:-Mercuric chloride         

B:-Picric acid         

C:-Potassium dichromate         

D:-Sodium sulphate         


Correct Answer:- Option-B


Q4:-Myricil palmitate is commonly known as         

A:-Bees wax         


C:-Candle wax         

D:-Ester wax         

Correct Answer:- Option-A


Q5:-In the preparation of histological slides, alcohol is used for ______ of tissue.         






Correct Answer:- Option-B


Q5:-The protein hormones synthesised by the placenta are all except         



C:-Human chorionic thyrotropin         

D:-Human placental lactogen         


Correct Answer:- Option-B

Q6=Best method to access haemoglobin

(a) gasometric method

(b) Acid-hematin method

(c) Copper-Sulphate method

(d) Cyn-Meth-Hb method



ANS Key: D


Q7= Increase in Serum homocysteine levels seen in

(a) Iron deficiency Anaemia

(b) Megaloblastic Anaemia

(c) Sideroblastic Anaemia

(d) Acute Tubulav Necrosis


ANS Key: B



Q8= Special Stain for fat

(a) Reticulin

(b) Congo Red

(c) Sudan III

(d) Masson's Trichrome



ANS- Key: C


Q9= The serological reaction, which sensitizes bacteria for phagocytosis is called:-


1. Co-agglutination

2. Neutralization

3. Opsonization

4. Complement fixation





Q10=The main substances that are excreted from the fetus is:-


1. Billirubin

2. Carbon dioxide

3. Uric acid

4. Tissues



Ans- 2



Q11=The cardinal signs of the body includes the following, EXCEPT:-


1. Temperature

2. Blood pressure level

3. Blood glucose level

4. Heart beat



Ans= 3



Q12= Birbeck granules seen in


(a) Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

(b) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

(c) Carcinoma

(d) Langerhan 's Cell Histiocytosis



Key: D



Q13- Useful biomarker for Medullary Carcinoma of thyroid

(a) Calcitonin

(b) - feto protein

(c) glypican - 3

(d) myosin



Key: A



Q14= Virus associated with Adult T cell Leukaemia / Lymphoma

(a) Herpes Simplex Virus

(b) Picorna Virus

(c) HTLV - 1

(d) EBV





Key: C


Q15= Caissons disease is a form of


(a) Fat embolism

(b) Amniotic Fluid Embolism

(c) Air/Gas Embolism

(d) Foreign body Embolism



Key: C


Q16= The immunoglobulin related to hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis is


(a) IgA

(b) Ig E

(c) Ig M

(d) Ig G



Key: B


Q17= Swine flu is caused by

(a) H1 N1

(b) H2 N2

(c) H1 N2

(d) H1 N5



Key: A


Q18= Inactive cancer gene is called


(a) Tumor suppressor gene

(b) Proto-oncogen

(c) Transposon

(d) Tumor prom oter gene



Key: B


Q19= Hemophilia is caused by deficiency of which factor ?

A:-Factor V

B:-Factor VII

C:-Factor X

D:-Factor VIII



Correct Answer:- Option-D


Q20= Which among following is Nuclear stain?

A) Eosin

B) Hematoxyllin

C) Both

D) None


Ans- B


Q21-Wernicke Encephalopathy seen in

A. Vit B12 deficiency

B. Vit B2 deficiency

C. Vit B1 deficiency

D. Vit B6 deficiency

E. None of the above



Correct Answer C


Q22- High risk HPV viruses causing Cervix Carcinoma

A.     HPV 16, 18

B.     HPV 1,2

C.     HPV 3,4

D.    HPV 6,11

E.     None of the above

Correct Answer A


Q23- Tumor marker HE4 sensitive for

A Ovarian Cancer

B Pancreatic Cancer

C Laryngeal Cancer

D CNS cancer

E None of the above



Correct Answer A


Q24- Blood group that contains no antibodies

(a) Group A

(b) Group B

(c) Group C

(d) Group A B


Key: D


Q25= Vector for Japanese Encephalitis

A Female Anopheles mosquito

B Female Culex Mosquito

C Male Anopheles Mosquito

D Male Culex Mosquito



Correct Answer B

Q26= Stain used for calcium is:

A) Von Kossa

 B) H & E

C) Giemsa






Q27=Rich source of calcium among following:

A) Green leafy vegetables

B) Milk

C) Meat

D) Carrot


Ans- B



Q28= Which of the following is not a method of ESR estimation?

A) Westergreen Method

B) Automated Method

C) Wintrobe Method

D) Electrical Method


Ans- D


Q29= FNAC stands for

A) Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

B) Fine Nife Attended Cytology

C) Factor Number Activity Count

D) None of the above


Ans- A



Q30= Which of the following is not correct colour code?

A) Yellow-Clot Activator

B) Green- CBC

C) Grey- Fluoride

D) Red-Plain


Ans- b



Q31= PAP stain is not used for :

A) Screening of Cervical Cancer

B) Study morphology of Semen

C) Study routine haematology slides

D) Liquid based cytology


Ans- C


Q32= 100% confirmatory test for Tuberculosis

A) Sputum Cytology

B) Sputum Culture


D) Blood Culture


Ans- D


Q33= Semen Analysis should be done within

A) 1 hrs.

B)30 mins.

C) 2 hrs

D)None of above


Ans= A



Q34= Internal diameter of wintrobe tube is:

A) 1mm

B) 2.5 mm

C) 3mm

D) 4mm


Ans- B



Q35 = Special stain used for Acid Fast Bacilli ( Tuberculosis ) is :


B) Ziehl Neelsen stain

C) Leishman Stain

D) All of the above




Q36= Tri Sodium Citrate 3.2% is used in which ratio for estimation of ESR?

A) 1:4 (Citrate: Blood)

B) 1:9 (Citrate: Blood)

C) 1:3 (Citrate: Blood)

D) None of the above


Ans= A


Q37= What is Cynmethemoglobin Method?

A) Used for Hb estimation

B) Used for ESR estimation

C) Used for CBC

D) All of the above




Q38= Which chemical used in cell counter for Hb estimation?

A) Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

B) Diluent

C) Detergent

D) N/10HCL


Ans- A



Q39= Dunger’s Fluid is used for

A) WBC count

B) Eosinophils Count

C) RBC count

D) None of the above





Q40= Other name of WBC pipette is:

A) Thoma Pipette

B) Pasture Pipette

C) Wintrobe Pipette

D) None of these



Ans- A



Q41= Supravital Stain is used for:

A) RBC count

B) Reticulocyte Count

C) WBC count

D) None of these


Ans- b



Q42- Perl’s stain (Prussian Blue stain) is used for

A) Assessment of WBC

B) Assessment of Iron Store

C) Assessment of Erythropoiesis

D) None of the above


Ans- b


Q43- Hess’s Test is used for assessing :

A) Bleeding Time (BT)

B) Clotting Time(CT)

C) Both of above

D) None of these




Q44= Sodium Metabisulfite2% is used for

A) G-6-PD deficiency

B) Thalassemia

C) Sickling test

D) None of these


Ans- C


Q45 = Parasite found in the biliary tract

(a) Enterobius Vermicularis

(b) Trichuris Trichiura

(c) Opisthorchis Sinen sis

(d) Trichinella Spiralis



Key: C


Q46= Decrease in Reticulocyte count seen in

(a) thallassemia

(b) Iron Deficiency Anaemia

(c) Megaloblastic Anaemia

(d) Aplastic Anaemia



Key: D


Q47= Serum Indirect Bilirubin is increased in

(a) Hemolytic Anaemia

(b) Hepatitis

(c) Hyper sensitivity reaction

(d) Carcinoma Stomach



Key: A


Q48= Cobblestone appearance of intestine seen in

(a) Crohn's Disease

(b) Ulcerative Colitis

(c) Carcinoma Colon

(d) H. Pylori Gastritis



Key: A


Q49= The fixative of choice for visualization of nucleic acids is:

(a) Rossman's fluid

(b) 10% formalin

(c) Glutaraldehyde

(d) Carnoy's mixture



Key: D


Q50= Dendritic cells present the antigen to:

(a) T cell.

(b) B cell.

(c) Neutrophils.

(d) Monocyte.


Key: A



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