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Total No. of Questions - 100

Part 1 - Gk-Questions 1- 30

Q.1The first news paper in Indin, "Bengal Gazette was published by
A) william Bolts (1) James Hickey
(C) George Yule Crenbrook
2. The National leader who headed the committee which prepared the Wardha Scheme
(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (B) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(C) Dr. Zakir HHus8ain (D) Dr. Visweawarayya
3. Congrese session which took the decision to start Non Co-operation Mavement?
Nagpur (8) Calcutta
Pune D) Madra
4. The Planning Commission has been replaced with NITL Aayog in :
(A) 2012 (6) 2013
C) 2014 (D) 2013
5 Lakdawala committee was ppointed on
(A) Poverty estimation (5) Banking sector reforms
(Tax retorms () Financial šector reforms
6. The first state in India formed on linguistie basis:
Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh
(C) Gujarat (D) Kerala
7. Rural employment programme of Government of lndin is known a8
(A) DWCRA (B) Tndira Awaas Yojana

8. Go back to Vedns' is the motto of?
(A) Brahmo Samaj () Prarthana Samaj
(C) Dev Sama) (D)Arya Samaj
9Who was the founder of Gadhar Party?
(A Lala Hardayal (B) Bhagath Singh
(C) Chandra Sekhar Azad D)V.D. Savarkar
10. Kanneerun Kinavum 18 a book written by
(A) MP. Bhattathiripad
(8 V.1 Bhattathirippad
() Kuroor Brahmadattan Namboothiripad
(D) E.MS. Namboothiripad
. Athma Vidya Sangham waa founded by :
(A) Brahmananda Sivayogi (B) Vaikunda Swamikal
(9 Chattampi Swamikal (0 Swami Vagbhadanda
12. The river from Kerala flowa eastwards to Karnataka :
Ferya (B) Chaliyar
Kabani (0) Kunthipuzha
13. When Vaikam Sathyagraha broke out?
(A) 1921 B) 1922
(C) 1923 D) I924
14. Who among the following was Gandhji's friend and associnte?
A) Louis Fischer B) A0.Hume
(C)Lord Mountbatten D) ord Ripon
15. Merey as: Mathew, who does nocial work among the tribes in Madhya Pradesh ts better known
(A) Medha Patkar (B) Daya Bhai
()Teesta Setalvad ()Vandana Siva

16. ypsy Goddeas is a book by:
A)Shinie Antony (8) Anuja Chuhan
( Anuya kaina D) Meena Kandaswamy
17. The oldest mountain ranges in India :
Vindhya Aravallh
Karakoram D) Western Ghats
18. The book "Swaraj is written by:
(A) Aravind Kejrival (B) Narendra Modi
(C) Kiran Bedi D) Sushama Swaraj
19. Which of the following is a sanctuary for salt croendiles?
(A) Kanha national park (B) Corbet national park
(C) Bhitarkanika national park (D) Kasiranga national park
20. The firet Indian governor of Reserve Bank of Tndia
A C.D. Deshmukh (B) Y.V. Reddy
(C) C. Rangarajan (D) C. Narasim ham
21. The minimum distance between the sound aource and the reflecting surface to hear echo:
A 34 m 36 m
17 m 27 m
22. The voltage at which electricity is produced in the power stations in India :
(A) 11 KV (8) 20
220 KV (D) 66 KV
23. The main component of CNG
Butane (B) Propane
) Ethane Methane
24. Which colour present in the sunlight undergoes more scatering?
(A) Green (8) Blue
Xeliow (D) Red

25. which of the following gas is produced by "Haber Process
A Ammonia (B) Sulphuric acid
(C) Hydrogen chloride D) Nitric oxide
26. The electronic component which stores electric charge:
A) Reststor (5) lnductor
Capacitor D) Transistor
27. Aman starts from
the point P. a point P traveln through
at What is his displacement? a circular path with perimeter 200
same m and ends
(A) 200 m (8) 400 m
C) 100 m D
28. The oolour of light produced by the discharge Iamp illed with noium vnpour
(A) Red B) Yellow
(C) White (D) Gireen
29. The scientist wbo auccessfully claseified elementa into a periodic table
Newiands Dobereiner
(C) Mendeleev (D) Lavoisier
30. The phenomenon of light exhibited while passing through an optienl fibre:
A retraction (B) total internal reflection
( disperaton D) diffraction

Part 2 Anatomy & EVS

31. The largest part of brain is:
(A) cerebrum () cerebellum
(C) medulla oblongata D) thalamus
32. The digestive enzyme ot gastric juice 18
(A) sallvary amylase B) pepsin
(C) tryps (D) 1ysoayme

33. Which hormone inereases blood ealcium level?
A) Insulin B) Glucagon
(C) Caleitonin (0) P'arathormone
34. Night blindness is caused by the deticiency ot
A) Vitamin A Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C D) Vitamin D
35. Elbow joint is an example of :
(A) Ball and socket joint B) Pivot joint
(C) Hinge joint D) Gliding joint
36. espiratory organ of Earthworm is
(A) Trachea (B) Book lungs
(0) Gilla
37. An example for Ex-situ conervation
(a) Wild life sanctuary (8) National park
(C)Botanical garden (D) Biouphere reserve
38. Basic unit of clawsificntion of organinms
order (B) family
C) genus () species
39. Which among the following is a function of sympathetic nervous system?
) Pupil constricts (B) Saliva secretion decreases
(C)Heart bent decrease (D) Trachea constricts
40. Power house of the oell:
(A) Endoplasmic reticulum (8) Mitochondria
Rabosome (0) Golgi bodies
41. Nosocominl infection is :
(A) Infetion of Noee (CB) Infection of Sinus
(C) Infection from hospital D) Infection from Patient's home

42. Which of the following stage is not a carrier of a dinease?
A) Ineubation (8) Healthy
(C) Convialeacen (D) Disease
43. Following diseases are transmitted by droplets exCept
(A) Hepatitis B (B) Chicken Pox
C) Diphtherin (D)Tuberculosis
44. The following is not a live vaceine
Oral polio Rabies
BCG (D) Measles
HCnes are stored in the suboenters for- days.
(A) 0 day (8) 30 days
) 90 days D) 180 days
46. Age gIving measles vuocine lirst dose in India
10 years (6) 5 years
years (D) 1 year
47. Route of Vitamin A given to children in national program
Intradermal (B) Intramusculhr
Oral (D) Intra nasal
48. In Indin Low birth weight is defined
(A) Below K as:
2 (8) Below
C) Below 2.5 g
3 Kg (D) Below 3.5 Kg
49. The baby should be exclusively breast fed for:
(A) 2 years
(C) (8) 1.5
1 years
year 0.9 year
50. The following 18 not a component
(A) ol sanitary
Parapet well
(C) Motor () Pinttorm
D) Lining

61. The thardness ot water is due to:
Lead (B) Lead chromate
(C) Chromium Nitrates (D) Caleium bicarbonate
52. Water samples should be collected from taps after running water for :
(A) 30 seconds (5) nute
(C)2 minute (D) 3 minutes
53.Which of the following i8 not considered as air polutant?
A) Sulphur dioxide (8) Carbon dioxide
(C) Hydrocarbons (D) Carbon monoxide
64. NOT included as best indicators of air pollution:
(A) Carbon monoxide (8) Sulphur dioxide
C) Smolke D) Suspended particles
55. The following sereening test was not done for hlood donation:
A IIV 6) Tubereulosia
HBV (D) Malaria
66. The ORS contain the following compounds except
A) Trisodium citrate (8) Sodium ehloride
(C) Potassium chloride (D) Potasium Nitrate
67. The oommon cause of diarrhoenl disease in children were due to:
(A) Rotavirus (8) Entonmoeba
(C) Salmonella (0) Shigella
58. The maximum incubation period of Cholera dinease in:
(A) 2 days (B) 5 days
days (D) 10 days
59. The drug of choice for ARI eontrol program in India is
(A Chlornmpbenicol (8) Ampicillin
(C) Cotrimoxazole (D) Ciprofloxacin

60. The widal test is done for diagmosis of
A) HlV (B) Malaria
) Cholera (0) 1yphoid
61. The oolour of the tank containing ehlorine gas should be :
White Blnck
Yellow D) Red
2. eolour coding ot the ontainer to dispose sharps are
Blue (B) Black
Yellow D) ed
6:3. The firat aid for scnld injury is applying
Honey (B)
(C) Kerasene (D) Cold water
64. Minimum recommended level of residual chlorine in drinking water
A) 5 mgil. 0.5 mgil
(C)0.05 meT (D) 0.005 mg/l
63. Orthotolidine test is used for:
CA) Testing Milk 8) Test ehlorine demand
(C) Test chlorine in water (D) Testing blood
66. In RNTCP-TB is dingnosed by
Aray (8) Sputum mieroscopy
(C) Blood tests (0) UsG acanning
87. Which is not an eligibility to become a DOT provider?
ASHA (8) Kudumbasree member
Teacher (D) Family member
68. he presenee of the following in a water sample is an evidence for recent contamination:
(A) Faccal streptocooci (8) Coliform organiam
CLportringens (D) Salmonella

69. For setting a national standarda for Duoride the factor NOT considerin8
A The tooth paste used (5) Cmate
(C) Volume of water intake D) Type of food intake
70. The eut of point of Hemoglobin lovel for anemia in pregnant women ie :
A) 10 grm (B) 11 grm
(C) 13 grm% D) 14 grm%
71. An episode of food poisoning was reported within 6 hours of taking food - The causntive
orgamsm may be
) Staphylococc (6) Salmonella
(C) Bacillus cereus (D) Cbotulinum
72 The route of transmision of following is through skin :
A Acariasis worin
(C)Hook worm (D)Tape worm
73. The resting habit of Anophiline mosquito 18
Outdoor (6) Water
C) Indoor (D) Peridomestic
74. For the treatment of Vivax infeetion Primaquine should be given for-
1 day B) 7 daya
25 days (D) 14 days
75. The lymphatic filariasis in India ia mainly due to infection with:
A) Wuchererin bancrofti (B) Brugia Malayi
(C) Brugia timor (D) Lon Lo
76. Por lodization the solt is fortified with
(A) Sodium Chloride 8) Sodium fodate
(C) Potassium lodate (D) Potassium Iodid

77. Which of the following is an amplifier of aE virus?
Human being (B) Pond herons
(C) Mosquitoes (D) Pigs
78. Number of doses of Tetanus toxoid gven tor a primi women
A (8) Two
Three (D) Nil
79. Germ theory ol disease was coined by
(A) John snow (B) Louis Pasteur
() Edwin Chadwick D) J.C. Bose
80. Painless ulcer is feature of
(A) Gonococcal infection (B) Chanchroid
(C) Syphilis (D) Genital herpis
81. The following i8 NOTa symptom of congenital rubella :
(A) Heart defeet Hearing defect
(C) Visual defect (D) Urogenital defoct
82. The following is a killed vaccine
(A) Oral Polio (B) Measlos
C) BCG D) Rabies
83. The carcinogen in obacco is
(A) Tar (B) Nicotine
(C) Carbon monoxide D) Ammonia
84. Folic ncid deficiency in mother will lends to following defeet in children
(A) Spinal defect (B) Urogenital defect
(C) Visual defect (D) Heart defoct

85. The antedote for methyl alcobol poisoning 18:
(A) Formaldebyde (B) Ethyl alcohol
(C) Acetaldehyde D Acetic ac
86. The malaria parasite was discovered by
A) Manaoni B) Einstein
(C) Ronald Ross (D) Edward Jenner
87. The chicken pox is transmitted through the
(A) Vesicular fuid B) Scab
) Skin to skin contact (D) Respiratory droplets
88. The vitamin lost during milling from rice is:
A Ribotlavin B) Niacin
(C) Thiamin D) Pyridoxine
89. The recommended maximum daily exposure to noise 18
(A) 80 db B) 85 db
90 db 95 db
90. The permissible annual dose of radiation from man made souroe 18
(A 0.1 rnd 3) 1 rad
0.5 rad D) rad
91. Window period in HIV is
Symptomatie End stage
(C) Recovery stnge (D) Asymptomatic
92. Jyothis" oenters are for :
(A) HIV counseling (8) De addiction counseling
(CMarriage counseling (D) Paychological counseling
93. The most A) common Breass cancers of women in Kerala is :
(B) Cervix
C) Mouth D LALngs

94. The syndromic dingnosis was made by :
(A) Lab technician (B) Doctor
C9 Nurse (D) Henlth worker
96. The Medical termination of Pregnaney act in India was come into foroe since
A 952 (8) 1971
(C) 2001 (D) 1991
96. The major mechanistn of action of copper Ts
Preventing ovulation (B) Preventing spermatogenesis
()Preventing fertilization (D) Act as a barrier
97. The egg do not contain the following nutrient
at 6) Protein
(C) Carbohydrate (D) Vitamina
98. Methylene blue reduction test is used for detection of:
Food adulteration (8) Milk quality
(C) Water quality () Meat quality
. A subcenter 18 to catering service to0 population.
(A) 1000 (B) 2000
000 (D) 10000
100. The minimum educational qualification for an ASHA worker is:
A) std (B) 8h std
td (D) 12 std

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