1. Pattern recognition receptors (PRR) can be found on?

... Answer is C )
Pattern recognition receptors for PAMP occur on host phagocytic cells..

2. Group-specific streptococcal antigens are

... Answer is A )
Group-specific streptococcal antigens are carbohydrates..

3. CD34 is a marker for

... Answer is D )
D. CD34 is a marker for stem cells and permits their isolation...

4. A major marker retained on all peripheral T cells is

... Answer is C )
. CD3 is retained on all peripheral T cells and serves as a marker for total T-cell enumeration..

5. The T-cell antigenic receptor?

... Answer is D)
The T-cell antigenic receptor requires the antigenic determinant group to be processed and presented together with an HLA molecule and does not respond directly to circulating antigen..

6. . Antibodies are grouped into five classes based on differences in their?

... Answer is C)
. A short sequence of amino acids is shared on the heavy chain of each, thus permitting their classification together as immunoglobulins.

7. Passive immunization is available for protection from?

... Answer is B)
. A commercially available human immune globulin preparation is available for pre-exposure and postexposure prophylaxis for hepatitis A virus..

8. The Monospot test is based on?

... Answer is B)
.. IgM antibody produced in response to most Epstein-Barr virus infections agglutinates sheep and beef erythrocytes and forms the basis for the Monospot test used in diagnosing infectious mononucleosis caused by EBV..

9*. The adaptive immune system develops from stem cells originating in the

... Answer is B)
.. Stem cells that evolve into cells of the adaptive immune system originate in the fetal liver and bone marrow..

10*. The Coombs direct test

... Answer is A)
.. The Coombs direct test detects nonagglutinating anti-Rh antibody on infants’ red blood cells. The Coombs indirect test detects the anti-Rh antibody on maternal red blood cells...

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