1- Most common site of leiomyoma is : Stomach


2- "Lardaceous' spleen is seen in : Amyloidosis


3- The most common type of malignancy of renal pelvis is : Transitional cell carcinoma?


4-: Commonest type of intracranial tumour is : Secondaries


5- The macrophages in the brain are: Microglia


6:- The commonest cause of intracranial metastasis is malignancy of: Lungs


7- . Reactivated TB is seen most commonly located near-  Apex


8-  How long can blood be stored with CTD-A: 35days


9. The commonest malignant bone tumor is : Multiple myeloma


10. Hurthle cells are seen in: Hashimoto's thyroiditis


11. The most common primary malignant tumour of the thyroid is : Papillary carcinoma


12. The most common site for Amoebiasis: Caecum


13. HLA complex in man is located on chromosome : 6


14. White infarcts are not seen in : Liver


15. Coagulative necrosis as a primary even most often seen in : CNS


16. Metastatic calcification is most often seen in : Lungs


17. Hutchinson's secondaries in skull are due to tumors in: Adrenals


18. Rosette shaped arrangement of cells are seen in : Ependymoma


19. The commonest site of diverticulosis is : Sigmoid colon


20. Deletion of short arm of chromosome 11 is seen in : Wilm's tumor


21. Anemia in human is caused by which worm: Hook worm


22. Liquefactive necrosis is seen in : Brain


23. The crescent forming glomerulonephritis is : RP.NO


24. Kupffer's cells are found in : Liver


25. Commonest benign tumor of liver : Hemangioma


26. Blood when stored at 4 degree celcius can be kept for: 21 days


27. Albumino-cytologic dissociation occurs in cases of : Guillain Barre syndrome


28. ASLO Titres are used in the diagnosis of : Acute rheumatic fever


29. An example of a tumour suppressor gene is : myc


30. Onion peel appearance of splenic capsule is seen in : SLE


31. Lardaceous spleen is due to deposition of amyloid in : Sinusoids of red pulp


32. Antigliadin antibodies are detectable in : Celiac disease


33. Microalbuminuria is defined as protein levels of : 151-200mg/L


34. BRCA-1 gene lies on chromosome : 17


35. Onion skin thickening of arteriolar wall is seen in : Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis


36. The most common site of ectopic phaeochromocytoma is : Organ of Zuckerkandi


37. Rossette arrangement of cells is seen in : Retinoblastoma


38. Lines of Zahn are seen in : Primary platelet thrombusa


39. Amyloid (AA) originates from : Plasma cells


40. The common primary tumor of heart is : Myxoma


41. Atrial myxoma commonly arises from: Left atrium


42. Most common cause of aortic aneurysm is : Atherosclerosis


43. Most common site of myocardial infarction is : Anterior wall of left ventricle


44. Concentric myocardial hypertrophy is seen in : Congestive cardiomyopathy


45. Asbestos: is associated with Ca lung


46. Commonest type of Emphysema is : Centriacinar


47. The commonest type of bronchogenic Ca in non-smoker is : Adenocarcinoma


48. Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency occurs in : Emphysema


49. Most sensitive liver function test to differentiate type of jaundice is : Urine urobilinogen


50. Papillary necrosis of kidney is seen in : DM, Analgesic nephropathy, Acute pyelonephritis


51. The carcinoma of pancreas usually originate in the : Duct epithelium


52. Most characteristic features of acute inflammation is : Vasodilation and increased vascular permeability


53. Clue cells are found in : Bacterial vaginosis


54. Poor prognostic indicator in ALL : Age <2year


55. Interleukin responsible for pyrexia is : IL1B


56. Most common cause of death in primary amyloidosis is : Cardiac failure


57. Anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies are seen in : Crohn's disease


58. Inflammatory bowel disease with transmural involvement and skip lesions is : Crohn's disease


59. Barrett's esophagus is : Columnar metaplasia


60. Mutation in Marfan's syndrome is : Fibrillin


61. In Von Willebrand disease, there is : Factor VIII deficiency


62. Prolonged PT and normal PTT may be found in : Vit. K deficiency


63. Best to diagnose amyloidosis : Rectal biopsy primary


64. Type of nephropathy in DM : Nodular


65. Secretory antibody is : IgA


66. A women present with megaloblastic anemia. Dysphagia has : Plummer Vinson syndrome


67. Tumorgenesis in aging is due to : Telomerase reactivation


68. Karyotyping under light microscopy done by : G-banding


69. The most diagnostic test for SLE is : Antibodies against DNA cell


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