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RRB Paramedical 2019: LAB SUPERINTENDENT Previous Year Paper with Answers
आरआरबी पैरामेडिकल सीबीटी परीक्षा को क्रैक करने के लिए, उम्मीदवारों को विभिन्न विषयों (व्यावसायिक क्षमता) के पिछले वर्ष के पेपर का अभ्यास करना चाहिए, जिसके लिए वे इस वर्ष आवेदन कर रहे हैं। यह सटीकता के साथ न्यूनतम समय में अधिकतम प्रश्नों का प्रयास करने की उनकी गति को सुधारने में उनकी मदद करेगा।
इसलिए, इस लेख में हमने उनके उत्तर के साथ RRB पैरामेडिकल LAB SUPRINTENDENT 2019  वर्ष का पेपर साझा किया है।
To crack the RRB Paramedical CBT Exam, candidates must practice the previous year papers of the different subjects (professional ability) for which they are applying this year. It will help them in improving their speed of attempting maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy.
So, in this article we have shared the RRB Paramedical LAB SUPRINTENDENT Previous Year Paper alongwith their answers.

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RRB Paramedical 2019: LAB SUPERINTENDENT Previous Year Paper with Answers

Post Name: Lab Superintendent
Date of the Exam: 20m July 2019
Exam Time: 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM

By Shailesh kumar 
Nov 18, 2019 12:21 pm

1 What is the SI unit of frequency?

Alt 1: dioptre
Alt 2: hertz
Alf 3: decibel
Alt 4:ampere

Correct Alternative:-2

2 A Spherical mimror whose reflecting surface is curved inwards and faces fowards the centre of the sphere is called a_ mirror
Alt 1: plane
AlT 2: sphencal
Alf 3: convex
Alt 4: concave

Correct Alfernafive:4

3. What is the radius of earth?
Alt 1:6.37 X 10 m
Alt 2:6.37 X 10' m
Alt 3:6.37 x 103 m
Alt 4:6.37X 10 m

Correct Alfernative: 1

4. The sound which is produced due to a mixture of several frequencies is called a
Alt 1 Done
All 2 note
Alt 31 tone
Alt 4: period

Correct Alternative2
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5 What is the symbol of the element Aluminium?
Alt 1 Am
Alt 2:A
Alt 3:A
4: Au

Correct Altfernative: 3

6. Reactions in which reactions energy is released to the surroundings are known as
Alt 1: Exothermic
Alt 2: Endothermic
Al 3:Coupling
Alt 4: Redox

Correct Alternative-1

7. The phenomenon of change of  liquid into vapours at any temperature below its boiling point is called............
Alt 1: Precipitation
Alt 2: Condensation
Alt 3: Evaporation
Alt 4:Sublimation

Correct Alternative: 3

8. The animals which lay eggs are called .............animals
Alt 1:Oviparous
Alt 2: Viviparous
Alf 3 Ambiparous
Alt 4: All the above

Corect Alfernative-1

9. Some diseases last for only very short period are called diseasess
Alt 1: chronic
Alf 2: acute
Alf 3:endemic
Alt 4:epidemic

Correct Alfernative 2

10. Who is the father of Medicine
Alt 1:Stephen Hales
Alf 2: Robert Koch
Alt 3: Robert Hooke
Alt 4: Hippocrates

Correct Aternative 4

11. In a certain code language, if ALERT is coded language as ODHWU, then how is DEBUT coded in that
All 2: HGEWX
Alt 3:) XYFIH

Corect Alternative: 2

12. "Find the next number in the series.
1,2. 6.21, 88, *

Alt 1:345
Alt 2: 445
Alt 3:436
Alt 4:472
Correct Alernafive :2

13. In this question, relationship between different elements is shown in the statement. This statemenf is tollowed by three conclusions. Assume the given statement to be frue and choOse the answer from the given options:Stafemenf: B> R= E<A<D
i) B<A
i) R <D
i) E> B
Alt 1:Only i) and i) follow
Alt 2:Only i) follows
Alt 3:Only and ii) follow
Alt 4: All follow

Correct Aternative2

14. A girl stands on the lawn facing South direction. She turns 45 degrees in clockwise direction and 135 degrees in anti-clockWIse direction. Which direction S she facing now?
Alt 2:1 East
Alt 3: North
Alt 4:South

Correct Alfernative 2

15. On dividing what will be the remainder? a number by 301, we get 42 as remainder. On dividing the same number by 43,
Alt 1:42
Alt 2:3
Alf 3:0
Alt 4:24

Correct Alfernative1

16. Two bells ring at intervals of 74 seconds and 44 seconds. If they both ring at 10 O'clock in
the morning fogether, after how many seconds will they ring fogether again
Alt 1 :1528
Alt 2:1 1628
Alt 3:1728

Alt 4: 1828
Corect Alfernative 2
17. The ratio of number of girts to boys in a school of 2160 students is 23:25. How
girls should be admitted to make the ratio 1:1? many more
Alt 1:86
Alt 2:8
Alt 3:9 90
Alt 4:92
Corect Alternative:- 3
18. 1150 boys and 850 girs are examined in a test; 42% of the boys and 36% of the giris pass the
test. The percentage of the total who failedis
Alf l :54.55
Alt 2:5 55
Alt 3:5 58.55
Alt 4:60.5
Correct Alfernafive:4
19. A train
seconds. If the passes speed a station platform in 38 seconds anda
of the train is 29 m/s. what is the length man standing
of the plaforme on the platform in 22
Alt 1: 464
Alr 2 : 474
Alf 3 :4 484
Alt 4:4 494
Correct Alfernative : 1
20. By selling a CPU for Rs.4945, a man makes a profit of 15%. At what price should he sell it to
make a profif of 257% (inRs.
Alt 1:5 :5275
Alt 2 :5375
Alf 3:5475
Alt 4:5575
Correct Alternative:- 2
21. Annu Rani won silver medal in which sport of Asian Athletics Championships 20192
Alt 1:Javelin Throw
All 2.10Orn Sprinl
Alt 3: Marathon
Alt 4:Table Tennis
Correct Alternative :1

22. RanaPratapšagar Dam is located in which State?
Alt 1: Rajasthan
Alt 2: Karnataka
Alt 3:Sikkim
Alt 4: Tamil Nadu
Correct Alternative :-1
23. Lucknow city is situated on the bank of the river
Alt 3: Yamuna
Alt 4 :Gomti
Correct Alfernafive :4
24. Wold Heritage Site Ajanta Caves' is situated in which of the following States?
Alt 1 :Madhya Pradesh
Alt 2:Gujarat
Alt 3: Maharashtra
Alt 4:Odisha
Correct Alfernative 3
25. Who among the folowing freedom fighters gave the slogan 'Do or Die'?
Alt 1: Jawaharial Nehru
Alt 2 Sardar Patel
Alt 3 :LalalajpatRai
Alt 4: Mahatma Gandhi
Correct Alternative:4
26. Who oppoints the Judges of the Supreme Court of India?
Alt 1:The Chief Justice of Supreme Court
Alt 2: The Parliament
Alt 3: The Prime Minister
Alt 4: The President
Corect Alternative - 4
27. Who is the Chairman of all the Zonal Councils?
Alt 1: The Judge of High Court
Alt 2: Member of the Legislative Assembly
Alt 3: Union Home Minister
Alt 4:The President
Corect Alternative: 3

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28. What is the full form of 'NITI' in NITI Aayog?
Alt 1: National Institute for fraining India
Alt 2: National Institution for Transiorming India
Alt 3: National Institute of Teaching India
Alt 4: National Institute of Think tank of India
Correct Alfernative :2
29. Which of the tollowing
earth rays penefrate the ozone layer in aftenuated form and reach fhe
Alt 1:X-fays
Alt 2: Gamma Rays
AlT 3: MIcrowaves
Alt 4: Ulraviolet B
Correct Aternative4
30. The Aga Khan trophy is related to which of the following games/sports?
Alt 1: Judo
Alt 2:1 Hockey
Alf 3:Polo
Alt 4: Bridge
Correct Alternative 2
31. Microbes living in complete harmony with the host without causing any damage are
known as
Alt 1: Pathogens
Alt 2: Microbes
Alt 3:Commensals
Alf 4: Virulent organism
Correct Alfernative 3
32. Name the anficoagulant presenf in the fube shown in the image:
Alt 1:Sodium citrate
Alt : EDTA
Alt 3: Sodium fluoride
Alt 4: Heparins
Correct Alfernative :1
33. The balance used to measure near-accurate values is:
Alt 1: Physical balance

Alt 2:Open two-pan balance
Alf 3 : Andlytical elecfronic weighning balance
Alt 4:None of the above
Correct Alfernative 3
34. The arow mark point to which part of the analyser as shown in the image?
Alt 1:Switch plate
Alt 2: Display
Alt 3: Printer
Alt 4: The probe in which the sample is introduced
Corect Alternative:- 4
35. When drawing blood froma patient, which is a key consideration fo avoid preanalytical
Alt 1: Draw the corect volume of blood
Alt 2: Mix the fube confaining anficoagulants immediately affer specimen collection
Alt 3: Allow at least 20 minutes for blood clotting to get serum
Alt 4: All of the above
Corect Alternative:4
36. Name the part marked by the arOW as shown in the image.
Alf 1:Reagent fray
Alt 2: Sample probe
Alt 3: Cuvette
Alt 4: Reaction tube
Correct Alternative: 2
37. Which sample is NOT suitable for electrolyte analysis
Alt 1 :Hemolysed sample
Alt 2:Serum sample
Alt 3: Whole blood with heparin
Alt 4: Arterial blood
Correct Alternative: 1

38. ldenfity the instrument shown in the image.
Alf 1: Glucometer
Alt 2:ELISA reader
Alt 3:Semi auto analyser
Alt 4: None of the above
Correct Alternative:2
39. Which is the best choice of automafic analyserse
Alt 1:Continuous tlow andlyser
Alt 2: Random access analyser
Alt 3: Semi-auto analyser
Alt 4:Batch analyser
Corect Alternative : 2
40. The disinfectant commonly applied on the site of blood collection is:
Alt 1:70% ethanol
Alt 2: Acetone
Alt 3 HCL
Alt 4:Sodium carbonate
Correct Alternative 1
41. Synovial fluid is collected from the:
Alf 1 Joints
Alt 2: Pericardium
Alt 3: Pleural cavity
Alt 4: Abdomen
Correct Alternafive 1
42. Which one of the following does not include routine liver function teste
Alt 1: Bilirubin
Alt 2: Bile acids
Alt 3:SGOT
Alt 4:Alkaline phosphatase
Correct Alternative -2
43. The reagent used in the estimation of bilirubin is .
Alt 1: Peroxide reagent

Alt 2:Urease reagent
Alt 3 :Diazo reagent
Alf 4: Methylene reagent
Correct Alternative: 3
44. Hormone assays using immunoassay technigues require all excepf
Alt 1:Serum sample
Alt 2: Calibrators
Alt 3: Washing solution
Alt 4: Tap water
Corect Alfernative 4
45. Which one of the following tests does not fom part of the glucose folerance test
Alt 1: Fasting blood glucose
Alt 2:Blood urea
Alf 3:One-hour blood glucose
Alt 4: Urine reducing sugar
Corect Alfernative-2
46. Un-iced blood samples taken for blood gas analysis should be analysed within:
Alt 1:1 hour
Alt 2:30 minutes
Alt 3:2 hours
Alt 4:45 minutes
Corect Alternative: 2
47. Acid phosphatase estimation is done in the disease related too
Alt 1: Thyroid
Alt 2 Brain
Alt 3: Prostate
Alt 4: Intestine
Corect Alternative 3
48. Cerebrospinal tfuid samples are collected byY
Alt 1:Lab fechnician
Alt 2 : Physician
Alf 3: Staff nurse
Alt 4: Ward boy
Correct Alternative-2
49. The normal level of reticulocytes in adults is:
Alt 1:5 to 6%

Alt 2 :0.5 to 2.5 %
Alt 3:2 to 4%
Alt 4:4 to 5%
Correct Alternative:- 2
50. The normal range of packed cell volume (PCV) is:
Alt 1:25 to 30 %
Alt 2:20 to 25%
Alt 3: 45 to 65%
Alt 4:35 to 48%
This Question is dropped for evaluation due to "No answer key"
5. SimultaneouS presence of anemia, leukopenia and thrombocyfopenia is called
Alt 1: Pancytopenia
Alt 2 :Megaloblasticanemia
Alt 3 Hemolyticanemia
Alt 4:Sickle cell anemia
Corect Alternative:- 1
52. Microscopic examination of urine is done to find out
Alt 1: RBCs
Alt 2: Pus cells
Alt 3 : Casts
Alt 4: All of the above
Corect Alternative :-4
53. Sample used tor platelet counfing is
Alt 1 :Serum
Alf 2: Plasma
Alt 3: Citrated blood
Alt 4: EDTA blood
Correct Alternafive 3,4
This Question is dropped for evaluation due to "Multiple answer key"
54. Abnormal proliferation of hematopoiefic cells is called
Alt 1: Pancyfopenia
Alt 2 :Leukemia
Alt 3 Anemia
Alt 4: All of the above
Correct Alfernafive :2
55. The acid hematin method of estimation of hemoglobin is also known as the
Alt 1: Colorimetric method

Alt 2: Automated method
Alt 3 :Sahli's method
Alt 4: None of the above
Correct Alternative: 3
56. Normal level of total protein present in cerebrospinal fluid is
Alt 1:25 to 80 mg/dL
Alt 2:15 to 60 mg /dt
Alt 3: 100 to 120mg/dL
Alt 4:90 to 110mg/dlL
Correct Alternative : 2
57. Which one of the following is the parent cell of platelets?
Alt 1: Granulocytes
Alt 2 :Lymphoblasts
Alt 3 : Megakaryocytes
Alf 4: Erythroblast
Correct Alternative3
58. Normal level of MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin)is
Alt 1:59.5+205pg per cell
Alt 2:39.5 t2.5pg per cell
Alt 3:79.5+ 2.5pg per cell
Alt 4:29.5 :2.5pg per cell
Correct Alternative:-4
59. Finger prick is used to determine
Alft 1: Bleeding time
Alt 2 :Prothrombin time
Alf 3 :aPTT
Alt 4: None of the above
Correct Alternative 1
60. Rh typing is based on the D-antigen present in:
Alt 1: Platelets
Alt 2: RBC
Alt 3:Lymphocytes
Alt 4 Eosinophils
Correct Alternative: 2
61. Which of the following personnel work for a blood bank?
Alt 1: Medical officer
Alt 2: Technician

Alt 3: Nurse
Alt 4: All of the above
Corect Alfernative -4
62 Which one of the following does not include in blood bank registers?
Alt 1: Donor register
Alt 2: Stock register
Alt 3: Male and female register
Alt 4: sue register
Corect Alfernative-3
63. Which one of the following does not include criteria for blood donors?
Alt 1:Age between 18 to 50 years
Alt 2: HB more than 12.5%
Alt 3 : Monthly blood donation alowed
Alt 4: Weight more than 45 kg
Correct Alternative -3
64. ESR equipment is known as:
Alt 1 :Sahli's tube
Alt 2: Centrifuge
Alt 3 :Vacutainer
Alt 4Westegren's tube
Correct Alternative :-4
65. Name the graph shown in the image:
04 aplicat
Prstein (iigrama)
Alt 1 :Levey-Jennings chart
Alt 2: Accuracy chart
Alt 3: Precision chart
Alt 4:Standardisation chan
Correct Afernative :4
66. The method used fo measure the rate of a reaction is
Alf 1: Principle method
Alt 2: End point method
Alt 3: Kinetic method
Alt 4 :Immuno method
Correct Alternative:-3

67. In which of the following staining method, only methylene blue or carbolfuchsin is used?
Alt 1 Supravital stain
Alt 2: Simple staining
Alt 3 :Leishman staining
Alt 4: PAS stain
Corect Alfernative:- 2
68. The amount of anticoagulant in a CPD-A 300 ml blood collection bagis:
Alt 1:25 ml
Alt 2:3 ml
Alf 3 :40 ml
Alt 4: 45ml
This Question is dropped for evaluation due to "No answer key"
69. The Maximum Permissible Dose for the whole body tor radiation workers is:
Alt 1: 10 mRem/year
Alt 2:8 mRem/year
Alt 3:5 mRem/year
Alt 4:15 mRem/year
Corect Allernalive 3
70. The plasma membrane of muscle cells is known as the:
Alt 1: Pericardium
Alt 2: Pleural membrane
Alt 3: Sarcolemma
Alt 4: Diaphragm
Correct Aternative:3
71. Cerebrospinal fiuid flows through the:
Alt 1:Sub dural space
Alt 2:Pia mater
Alt 3:Sub arachnold space
Alt 4: None of the above
Corect Alfernative :-3
72. Hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary does not include
Alf 1: Thyroid stimulating hormone
Alt 2 :Parathormone
Alt 3 :Adrenocortico tropic releasing hormone
Alt 4:Gonadotropin releasing hormone
Correct Alternative: 3,4
This Question is dropped for evaluation due to "Multiple answer key"

73. Which one of the following is not lymphoid organs?
Alt 1: Thymus
Alt 2:Liver
Alt 3: Bone marroww
All 4:Lymph node
Correct Alfernative :-2
74. Aspecific molecule that binds to a receptor is called a of the receptor.
Alt 2: Carier
Alt 3: Ligand
Alt 4: Linkers
Correct Alfernative :3
75. Which one of the following does not include in maintenance of biosafety cabinets?
Alf 1: Should not be loaded with unnecessary items
Alt 2: Regular decontamination should be done
Alt 3: Work can be done near the front of the cabinet
Alf 4:Avoid bringing hands and arms out of the cabinet while working
Correct Alternative: 3
76. Which section of a clinical laboratory deals with the assessment of different cells in blood?
Alt 1: Biochemical analysis
Alt 2: Haematology
Alt 3:Serology
Alt 4:Specimen cllection
Corect Alternative 2
77. Which of the following records should be retained in a laboratory?
Alt 1:Quality control records
Alt 2: Instrument maintenance records
Alt 3: Blood donor records
Alt 4: All of the above
Correct Alternative 4
78. Chemicals which liquefy when exposed to air are called:
Alt 1: Primary standard
Alt 2: Buffer
Alt 3: Hygroscopic
Alt 4: Reagent mixture
Correct Alternative: 3

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79. The reagent used in the estimation of glucose is:
Alt 1: Urease reagent
Alt 2: Hexokinase reagent
Alf 3: Jatte's reacfion
Alt 4: None of the above
Correct Alternative: 2
80. All special types of investigations use:
Alt 1 : Distilled water
Alt 2: Type 3 reagent grade water
Alt 3: Type 2 reagent grade water
Alt 4: Type 1 reagent grade water

Correct Alternative: 4

RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

81. Which of the following helps to keep a reagent or chemical drye
Alt 1:Amber bottles
Alt 2: Desiccators
Alt 3:Test tubes
Alt 4: Plastic bottles
Correct Alternative: 2
82. Precautions followed against biohazards include:
Alt 1: Prevention of self-injury during specimen collection
Alt 2:Decontamination of laboratory instruments regularly
Alt 3: Immunization of laboratory personnel
Alt 4: All of the above
Correct Alternative:- 4
83. Afragment of tissue taken out of an organ from living person for examination is called:
Alt 1: Adhesion
Alt 2: Cryostat
Alt 3: Smear
Alt 4: Biopsy
Corect Alfernative-4
84. The commonly Used fixative for slide preparation is
Alt 1:Benecdict's reagent
Alt 2: Distilled water
Alt 3: Formalin
Alt 4: None of the above
Correct Alternative -3

85. Antimmunoglobulin is also known as
Alt 1:Coomb's serum
Alf 2:Local serum
Alf 3:Cryo serum
Alt 4: None of the above

Correct Alternative:1

86. Which
banks? one of the following does NOT include in various aspects of quality control in blood
Alt 1: All the reagents should be clear without any turbicity
Alt 2: The Rho(D) antigen should be checked with only the positive control
Alt 3: Working of refrigerators, centrifuges and water baths should be checked periodically
Alt 4:Records of validation, quality control and staff training procedures must be maintained

Correct Alternative:- 2

87. Samples of skin scrapings are obtained using:
Alt 1:A sharp needle
Alt 2:A blunt scalpel
Alt 3: A knife
Alt 4: Cotton

Corect Altemative : 2

88. Which of the tollowing specimens is fested for parasite
Alt 1:Urine
Alt 2: Blood
Alt 3: Urine and Blood
Alt 4: None of the above

Correct Alternafive - 3

89. Which of the following cultures is difficult to maintain?
Alt 1: Aerobic
Alt 2 :Capnophilic
Alt 3 Anerobic
Alt 4: All of the above

Correct Alternative - 3

90. Staining of mycobacterium leprae requires:
Alt 1:10% sulfuric acid
Alt 2: 12% sulfuric acid
Alt 3:5% sulfuric acid
Alt 4: None of the above

Correct Alternative :-3

91. Nigrosin solution is used for
Alt 1:Gram staining
Alt 2: Acid fast staining
Alt 3:Simple staining
Alt 4: Negafive staining for capsules

Correct Alternative :4

92 Which ot the tollowing are catalase producing bacteia
Alt 1:Streptococci
Alt 2: Staphylococci
Alt 3: Parasites
Alt 4: Nematodes

Correct Alternative -2

93. Which one of the following is NOTa solid culture media?
Alt 1: Blood agar
Alt 2: Nutrient agar
Alt 3: Selenite F broth
Alt 4: None of the above

Correct Alternative👉3

94. Which one of the following is NOT the characteristics of the BACTEC system?
Alt 1: The selection of culture bottles depends on the cinical history of the patient
Alt 2:lt uses miniaturised biochemical strips
Alt 3: Bacterial subcultures can be processed for identification of organisms based on
biochemical reactions
Alt 4 : Biochemical analysis results are not displayed

Correct Alternative: 4
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95. What temperature is maintained in a bacterial incubator?
Alt 1:20 degrees Celsius
Alt 2:28 degrees Celsius
Alt 3:37 degrees Celsius
Alf 4:45 degrees Celsius

Correct Alternative 👉3

96. The device which maintains the set temperature in a hot air oven is called:
Alt 1:Chamber
Alt 2: Steel door
Alf 3: Indicator
Alt 4:Thermostat

Correct Alternative 4

97. Rice water stool is a characteristic feature of
Alt 1:Cholera
Alt 2 Steatorrhea
Alf 3: Bacterial infection
Alt 4: Constipation

Corect Alternative 👉1

98. The unit of length is:
Alt 1: Kilogram
Alt 2: Mole
Alt 3: Mefre
Alt 4:Seconds

Correct Alternative :3

99. Components of professional socialization include:
Alt 1: Knowledge and skills
All 2:Aftifudes
Alf 3: Professional values
Alt 4: All of the above

Corect Alternative 4

100. The incubation period for the hepatitis B virus within the body is
Alt 1:45 to 180 days
Alt 2:20 to 30 days
Alt 3: 10 to 20 days
Alt 4:30 to 80 days
Correct Aternative:1

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practice  makes the man perfect! The more you will practice, the more accuracy you will gain which will eventually lead you to a high score in the exam. Practice will help you in avoiding silly mistakes and making unnecessary guess works while attempting RRB Paramedical 2019 Exam. Therefore, practicing previous year papers will help you in achieving accuracy and high score in AIIMS / ESIC/ DSSSB/ CGVYAPAM/ MPNRHM/RRB Paramedical 2019 @ ALL NURSING Exam.



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