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RRB Paramedical 2019: Practice solved Staff Nurse Previous Year Paper with Answers
Practice RRB Paramedical Previous Year Paper with Answers for free here. It will help you in improving your speed of attempting maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy.

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
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 RRB Paramedical 2019: Practice Staff Nurse Previous Year Paper with Answers
RRB Paramedical 2019: Practice Staff Nurse Previous Year Paper with Answers
To crack the RRB Paramedical 2019 CBT Exam, candidates must practice the previous year papers of the different subjects (professional ability) for which they are applying this year. It will help them in improving their speed of attempting maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy.
So, in this article we have shared the RRB Paramedical Staff Nurse Previous Year Paper alongwith their answers.

RRB Paramedical 2019: Staff Nurse Previous Year Paper with Answers

Post Name: Staff Nurse
Date of the Exam: 21 July 2019
Exam Time: 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

1. What is the frictional force exerfed by the fluids also called.
Alt:1 Slag
Alf:2 Core
AT 3 Effort
Alt:4 Drag

Corect Afernafive 4

2 Which conventions are followed for spherical mirors and lens?
Alt: 1 New Huygens Sign
Alt:2 New Einstein siggn
Alf:3 New Newon Sign
Alt: 4 New Cartesian Sign

Corect Aternative:-4

3. What is called the fime required for the satelife fo complete one rofatione
Alt: 1 Period of revolution
Alt:2 Period of motion
Alt:3 Period of force
Alt:4 Period of momentum

Corect Alfernative :1

4 What is fhe Sl unif of electic field strengthe
Alt: 1 Newton/Coulomb
Alt:2 Henry/ Coulomb
Alt:3 Coulomb/ Newton
Alt:4 Joules/ Coulomb

Corect Alternative :1

5. What is the symbol of the elemenf Galliumne
AlT:T Gm
Alt:2 G
AlT Ga
At : :4 G

Corect Alternative :- 3

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

6. Which of the following is a biodegradable mateial?
Alt:1 Nuclear waste
Aif:2 Plastic bag
Alt:3 Aluminium
Alt: 4 Wood

Corect Alternative:4

7. Which of the following metals is in liquid state at room temperature?
Alt:1 Mercury
Alt:2 Sodium
Alt:3 Sulphur
Alt:4 Coal

Corect Alfernative1

8. All green plants and bacteria which can synthesize their food by photosynthesis come under
the category of
Alf:1 Intakers
Alt:2 Food givers
Alt:3 Decomposers
Alt:4 Producers

Corect Alternative :-4

9 Which of the following developsa Tough coat and plants? iS gradualy converfed into a seed in
Alf : 1 Ovule
Alt:2 Embryo
Alt:3 Zygote
Alt:4 Pollen grains

Corect Alternative :
10. What nufrienf deficiency causes goitere
Alf:1 Carbohydrate
AlT:2 Calcium
Alt:3 Protein
Alt:4 lodine

Correct Alfernafive:-4

11 Ina cerfain code language, if BEACH is coded language?2 as GDCJE. then how is FLUID coded in that

Alt: 1 HNWKF
Alt: 2 NHWFK
Alt:3 GLXO
Alt: 4 UOLRW

Corect Alternative :- 2

12. "Find the next number in the series. 7,9, 13, 21, 37, ?"
Alf :1 69
Alt:2 57
AlT 3
Alt 4 63

Corect Alternative :1

13 n this question, relationship between different elements is shown in the statement. This statement is followed by three conclusions. Assume the given statement to be true and choose the answer from ihe given opions Statement: W= O> R21>E<D Conclusions:
i)E R
ii) W>I
Alt:1Only i) and i) folow
AlT :2 Only i) and i) follow
Alt:3 All follow
Alt:4 Only ii) follows

Corect Alternative :-3

14. A girl started to walk 2 km in North direction. She turned towards her right and walked 6 km
and walked 3 km towards her left. Once again she took a left furn to walk3 km before taking another
left to walk 5 km. How far is she from the starting point?
Alt: 1 3km
Alf:2 4kmm
Alt:3 5km
Alt:4 7km

Corect Alternative :-1

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

15. On dividing a number by 483, we get 68 as remainder. On dividing the same number by 69,
what will be the remainder
Alt: 16 68
Alt:2 58
3 48
Alt 4 38
Corect Alternative :1
16. Two bells ing at intervals of 59 seconds and 70 seconds. If they both ring at 10 O'clock in the
moming together, after how many seconds ill they ring together againe
AT: 4030
Alt: 2 4130
Alt:3 4230
Alt:4 4330
Corect Alfernative-2
17. The ratio of number of girls fo boys in a school of 4500 students is 49:51. How many more giris
should be admitted to make the ratio 1:1?
Alt:1 86
Alt:2 88
3 90
4 92
Corect Alternative : 3
18.2450 boys and 1750 girls are examined in a test: 42% of the boys and 36% of the girs pass the
test. The percentage of the total who failed is
Alt:1 63.5
2 62.5
Alt: 3 61.5
Alt: 4 60.5
Corect Alfernafive:4
19. Atrain passes a station platform in 65 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 49
seconds. If the speed of the train is 29 m/s, what is the length of the platform? (meter)
Alt:2 474
Alt:3 484
Alt:4 494
Corect Alternative :1
20 By seling a CPU for Rs.7935, a man makes a profit of 15%. Af what price should he sell t to
make a profit of 25%2 (in Rs.)
AT 8525

Alt:2 8625
Alt:3 8725
AlT 4 8825
Corect Alternative: 2
21. Who won the AUstralian Open 2019 Men's single title?
Alf:1 Roger Federer
Alf : 2 Novak Djokovic
Alt:3 Andy Muray
Alt: 4 Rafael Nadal
Corect Alternative :-2
22 The Pong dam is built on which of the following rivers
Alt:1 Sutlej
Alt: 2 Beas
Alt:3 Chenab
At : 4 Ravi
Corect Alfernafive :2
23. In India, which of the following States has the highest number of National Parks?
Alt :1 Punjab
Alt:2 Tripura
Alf:3 Tamil Nadu
Alt: 4 Madhya Pradesh
Corect Alfernative4
24. The ancient Harappan city of Lothal is located in the state of
Alf:1 Rajasthan
Alt: 2 Gujarat
Alt:3 Uttar Pradesh
Alf:4 Punjab
Corect Alternative:-2
25. Dandiya is the fradiftional folk dance of
Alt: 1 Uttar Pradesh
Alt:2 Karnataka
Alt:3 Gujarat
Alt: 4 Sikkim
Corect Alternative :-3

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

26. How many times can a person be elected as the President of India?
Alt:1 One time only
Alt:2 Two times only
Alt:3 Five times only
Alt: 4 Any number of times
Corect Alternative:4
27. The real executive of the Indian govenment is
Alt:1 The President
Alt: 2 The Prime Minister
Alt:3 The Vice President
Alt: 4 The Speaker
Corect Alternative :
28. Which department issues PAN number?
Alt:1 Revenue
Alt: 2 Financial affairs
Alt:3 Economic Affairs
Alt: 4 Income Tax
Corect Alternative
29. In domestic water sewage, which of the following things is not a part of Dissolved mateials'?
Alt: 1 Sand
Alt:2 Nitrate
Alt:3 Phosphate
Alt:4 Calcium
Corect Alternative :-1
30. The term "Leg Before Wickef" is associated with which game/sport?
Alf:1 Volley Bal
Alt:2 Football
Alf:3 Cricket
Alt:4 Chess
Corect Alternative: 3

31. The memory disorder that affects older adults is
Alt:1 Dyspnoed
Alt:2 Insomnia
Alt:3 Dystrophy
Alt: 4 Dementia
Correct Alternative 4
32 Which one of the following is the emergency management of burn injury in the first 24 hours?
Alf:1 Fluid Resuscitation
Alt:2 Plastic Surgery
Alt:3 Anfibiofic Therapy
Alt: 4 Dressing
Corect Alternative: 1
33 Which AV block is also referred to as Mobitz-l12
Alt:1 Third Degree AV Block
Alt:2 Second Degree Av Block
Alt:3 First Degree AV Block
Alt:4 Complete Heart Block
Correct Alternative:-2
34. How many drops per minute would you administer when the doctor's order states that the
client should receive 1000 cc of fluid for 8 hours and the IV set delivers 20 gtts per cc?
Alt: 1 31 gtts
Alt: 2 42 gts
Alt:3 48 gtts
Alt:4 51 gtts
Corect Alternative 2
35. Which structures act as wires of a telephone in the body?
Alf:1 Veins
Alt:2 Arteries
Alt:3 Muscles
Alt:4 Nerves
Corect Alternative
36. Which one of the following is the last part of the small intestine?
Alt:1 Duodenum
Alt:2 lleum

Alt:3 Jejunum
Alf:4 Appendix
Corect Aternative- 2
37. The Brodmann area number that coresponds to the primary visual cortex is
Alt: 1 Seventeen
Alf:2 Four
AT Forty one
Alt:4 Three
Corect Alternative :-1
38. What is the renal threshold value of glucose?
Alt:1 188 Mg/dl
Alt:2 185 Mg/d
Alt:3 182 Mg/ dl
Alt:4 180 Mg/ dl
Corect Aternative :4
39 Bile salts are importanf for digestion of
Alt:1 Fat
Alt: 2 Protein
Alt:3 Carbohydrate
Alt:4 Iron
Corect Alternative:- 1

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

40. Pyridoxine is otherwise called as
Alt:1 Vitamin B2
Alt:2 Vitamin B6
Alt:3 Vitamin B12
Alt:4 Vitamin B1
Corect Alternative:- 22
41. Facial palsy is also known as
Alt:1 Bell's palsy
Alf:2 Erb's palsy
Alt:3 Brachial palsy
Alt: 4 Klumpke's palsyy
Corect Alternative: 1

42. The opfimal head circumference will be 45 cms af
Alf:1 4monins of age
Alt:2 6 months of age
Alt:3 12 months of age
Alt:4 8 months of age
Corect Aternative 3
43 What is cardinal sign of meningitis?
Alt:1 Ortolani Sign
Alf:2 TroUSseau's Sign
Alt:3 Kernig Sign
Alt:4 Chvostek's Sign
Corect Alfernative: 3
44. In which condition the projectile vomiting is seen
Alt: 1 Pyloric stenosis
Alf:2 Megacolon
Alf:3 Duodenal atresia
Alt:4 Intussusception
Corect Alternative1
45. Which is the earliest sign of rickets?
Alt: 1 Rickety RosaryY
Alt: 2 Craniotabes
Alf:3 Bow Legs
Alf:4 Harrison's Groove
Corect Alternative :-2
46. How much population is covered by a communiry hedith cenfree
Alt:1 20000 to 30000
Alt:2 3000 to 5000
Alt:3 80000 to 120000
Alt:4 15000 to 45000
Corect Alternative :- 3

4/ he number of new cases occumng in a defined population duringa speciied penod of time
is called
Alf:1 Prevalence
Alt: 2 Incidence
Alf:3 POint Prevalence
Alt: 4 Morbidity
Corect Alternative :-2
48. The matemal mortality ratio is expressed in terms of
Alt:1 100 ive births
Alt: 2 1000 live births
Alt:3 10000 live births
Alt: 4 100000 live births
Corect Alternative :-4
49 In which year the CSSM Programme was initiated?
Alf : 1980
Alt:2 1982
Alt:3 1990
Alt : 4 1992
Corect Alternative:-4
50. In which condifion oral pills should nof be given to a womene
Alt:1 Menstrual problems
Alt:2 Hypertension
Alt:3 Asthma
Alt:4 Vaginal infection
Correct Alternative:-2
51 Which causes Klinefelter syndrome?
Alt:12 Xo
Alt:2 Xx
Alt:3 XxyY
Alt:4 Xyy
Corect Alternative :3
52. Down syndrome is also known as
Alf:1 Trisomy 13
lt:2 Trisomy 18
Alt:3 Trisomy 21

Alt:3 Trisomy 21
Alf:4 Monosomy 13
Corect Alternative :- 3
53. Which assessment method will be used after the client has been discharged?
Alt:1 Concurent Evaluation
Alf:2 Auditing
Alt:3 Retrospective Evaluation
Alt:4 Quality Assurance
Corect Alternative :-3
54. Which is the process of assigning specific duties?
Alt:1 Coordination
Alt:2 Delegation
Alt:3 Communication
Alt:4 Supervision
Corect Alternative : 2
55. The establishment of personal relationship and affection takes place in the stage of grouup
dynamics Is temed as
Alt:1 Forming
Alt:2 Storming
Alt:3 Norming
lt:4 Performing
Corect Alternative:
56. HML analySIs medns
Alt: 1 High, Medium and Low Estimates
Alf:2 Hierarchy, Moderate and Low ESfimates
Alt:3 Heaping. Moulding and Lowering Estimates
Alt:4 High Medical Laboratory Inventory
Corect Alternative :1
57. Which is the basis of ABC analysis in inventory control?
Alt:1 Procurement difficulty of ftems
Alt:2 Unit cost of items
Alt:3 Criticality of iteems
Alf: 4 Annual consumption value
Corect Alternative- 4

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

S8. OSmotic presSUre and Acid-base balance of body fluids are maintained by
Alt: 1 Sodium
Alt:2 Magnesium
Alt:3 Fluorine
Alt:4 Zinc
Corect Alternative 1
59. Effective approach in preventing pulmonary embolism is to prevent
Alt: 1 Deep Vein Thrombosis
Alt:2 Diabetes Mellitus
Alf:3 Heart Disease
Alt:4 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disea5e
Corect Alternative :-1
60. Which disease is Fatal brain disorders that are caused by the prion protein?
Alt: 1 Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Alt:2 Pick's Disease
Alt:3 Mad Cow Disease
Alt:4 Lewy Body Disease
Corect Alfernative:- 1
61. Life threatening condition due fo rapid loss of blood or body fluids is known as
Alf:1 Anaphylactic shock
Alt: 2 Hypovolemic shock
Alt:3 Septic shock
Alt:4 Neurogenic shock
Corect Alternative :-2
62. Which is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease affecting peripheral synovial joints
of bonee
Alf:1 Oreoarthritis
Alf: 2 Polyarthritis
Alt:3 Rheumatoid
Alt:4 Ankylosing
Corect Alternative :-3
63. What are the immediate side effects of Electroconvulsive therapy?

Alf:1 Permanent memory loss and brain damage
Alt:2 Fractured and dislocated bones
Alt:3 Myocardial infarction and cardiac arest
Alt: 4 Temporary memony loss and confusion
Corect Alfernative:4
64. Anfipsychofic drugs are prescribed fo decrease the psychofic symptoms by
Alt:1 Blocking reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin
Alf:2 Inhibifing producfion of the enzyme Monoamine oxidase inhibitfors
Alt:3 Blocking the action of dopamine in the brain
Alf:4 Depressing the central nevous system
Corect Alternative:-3
65. Which is nof a therapeufic communicafion fechnique
Alt: 1 Informing
Alt:2 Reflection
Alf:3 Humour
Alt: 4 Automatic response
Corect Alternative : 4
66. Standards of mental heaith practices are published by
Alf :1 Indian Nursing Counci
Alt:2 State Nursing Council
Alt: 3 American Nurses Association
Alt:4 Trained Nurses Association of India
Corect Alternative :3
67. Splitting" by the client with borderline personality disorder denotes
Alt:1 Evidence of precocious development
Alt: 2 A primitive defence mechanism in which the client sees objects as all good or all bad
Alf:3 Abrief psychofic episode in which the client loses confact with reality
Alt:4 Two distinct personalities within the borderline client
Corect Alternative: 2
68. What is a Bacille Calmette-Guerin|BCG)?
Alt: 1 Live attenuated vaccine
Alf:2 Killed vaccine
Alt:3 Toxoid
Alf:4 Immunoglobulin

Corect Alternative- 1

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

69. Who discovered the antibiofic penicilin?
Alf: 1 Alexander rieming9
Alt:2 Edward Jennner
Alt:3 Waksman
Alf:4 None of these
Corect Alternative 1
70. The Schick test is done for the diagnosis of
Alt:1 Rubella
Alt:2 Measles
Alt:3 Diphtheria
Alf:4 MUumps
Corect Alternative:- 3
71 Where does the fertilization takes place
Alt:1 Isthmus
Alt:2 Ovary
Alt:3 Ampulla
Alt:4 Infundibulumm
Corect Alternative:-3
72 In which stage of labour the placenta is deliverede
Alt:1 1st stage
Alt:2 2nd stage
Alt:3 3rd stage
Alt:4 4m stage
Corect Alternative:3
73. Which one of the following is the major caUse of postpartum haemorhage
Alt:1 Atonic Uterus
Alt:2 Thrombin
Alt:3 Pre-Eclampsia
Alt: 4 Incoordinate Uterine Action
Corect Alternative: 1
74. Which one of the following includes the immediate step in resuscitation of the new born
Alt: 1 Squeezing the chest to remove secretions from the airway

Alt:2 Roufinely giving sodium bicarbonate
Alt:3 Clearing the oral and nasal airway
Alt: 4 Suction of the baby's stomach
Corect Alternative: 3
75. Which of the following is termed as the fetal blood vessel lying over the intenal os, in front of
the presenting parfe
Alt:1 Cord Presentation
Alt:2 Cord Prolapse
Alt:3 Vasa previa
Alt:4 Occult Cord Prolapse
Correct Alternative:-3
76. The lack of oxygen in the fissue is called
Alt:1 Hypoxia
AT:2 Anoxia
Alf:3 Anorexia
Alt:4 Cyanosis
Corect Alternative
77. Which is the most suitable position for giving an enema?
Alt:1 Lithotomy posifion
Al:2 Right lateral position
Alt:3 Left lateral position
Alt:4 Prone position
Correct Alternative: 3
78. Which one of the following is an example of fhe risk for infecfion in nursing diagnosis
Alf:1 Wellness Nursing Diagnosis
Alt:2 Risk Nursing Diagnosis
Alt:3 Actual Nursing Diagnosis
Alt: 4 Diagnostic Nursing Diagnosis
Corect Alternative :- 2
9 A framework Tor qudlity care does not include
Alt: 1 Professional Standards
Alt:2 Care Guidelines

Alt:3 Mission, Values
Alt:4 Critical Thinkin9
Corect Alternative :-4
80. Which one of the following aspects is not considered as an indicator of a hospital system?
Alt:1 Patient Satisfaction
Alt: 2 Public Relations
Alt:3 Quality of Care
Alt: 4 Machinery
Corect Alternative:
81. Which theory was developed by a nurse?
Alt:1 Social Cognitive Theory
Alt: 2 Uncertainty In lliness Theory
Alt:3 Hierarchy Of Need Theory
Alt:4 Job Satisfaction Theory
Corect Alternative: 2
82. Which is the main characteristic of scientific research?
Alt: 1 Experimental Research
Alt:2 Empirical Research
Alt:3 Theoretical Research
Alf:4 Historical Research
Corect Alternative :1|
83. Which is called as Non-probablity sampling?
Alf:1 Cluster sampling
Alt: 2 Systematic sampling
Alt:3 Stratifed random sampling
Alt: 4 Quofa samplin9
Corect Alternative :- 4
84. Which sampling could be effective during a sampling frame is difficult to identify in research8
Alt: 1 Snowball
AT:2 Convenienf
Alt:3 Quota
Alt:4 Purposive
Corect Alternative:-1

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

85. Nominal variables are also known as
AlT: ordindl vandble
Alt:2 discrete variable
Alt:3 categorical variable
Alf : 4 confounding variable
Corect Alternative :- 3
86. is also known as AsCorbic acid.
Alt:1 Vitamin E
Alt:2 Vitamin D
Alt:3 Vitamin C
Alt: 4 Vitamin A
Corect Alternative: 3
87. Adiet high in saturated fats can be linked to
Alt:1 Kidney failure
Alt:2 Bulimia
Alt:3 Anorexia
Alt:4 "Cardiac / heart diseases"
Corect Alfernative:-4
88. Which is a macromineral that the body needs fo work properiye
Alt: 1 Calcium
Alf:2 Silver
Alt:3 Gold
Alt:4 Lead
Corect Alternative: 1
89 Which is a cause of Anuria?
Alt: 1 Renal failure
Alt:2 Appendicitis
Alt:3 Pyrexia
Alt:4 Gastritis
Corect Alternative 1
90. Wermers drome is considered as
Alt: 1 MEN
Alt:2 MEN II
Alt:3 MEN II

Alt: 4 MEN IV
Corect Alternative: 1
91. Which drug is preferred in urinary and genifal infections
Alt:1 Norfloxacin
Alt:2 Ciprofloxacin
Alt :3 Pefoxacin
Alt:4 Ofloxacin
Corect Alternative: 1
92. Which drug is used to treat HiV /AIDS?
Alt: 1 Ampicilin
Alt: 2 Zidovudine
Alt:3 Dexamethasone
Alt:4 Streptomycin
Corect Alternative:- 2
93. Which function is transmission of sound vibrations fo the internal eare
Alt:1 Eustachian tube
A Ympanic membranc
Alt:3 Auricle
Alt:4 Vestibule
Corect Alternative
94. Which one of the following is a function of the liver?
Alt:1 Secretion of cholecystokinin
Alt:2 Concentration of bile
Alt:3 Synthesis of plasma protein
Alf :4 Eliminafion of carbohydrates
Corect Alternative: 3
95 Which one of the following is the process of urination resulfing from voluntary and involuntary
Alt:1 Kidney process
Alt:2 Prostate process
Alf:3 Glomerular process
Alit: 4 Micturifion process
Corect Alternative:4

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

96. The nomal IQ level of human beings is
Alt: 1 90 to 110
Alt: 2 80 to 100
Alt:3 110to 120
Alt: 4 120 and above
Corect Alternative :-1
97. An individual expressing his failures and difficulfies by blaming ofhers is known as
Alt:1 Repression
Alt: 2 Projection
Alt:3 Sublimation
Alt:4 Denial
Correct Alfernafive:2
98. The word emotion etymologically means
Alt: 1 To stir up
Alt:2 To test
Alt:3 To express
Alt:4 To cry

Corect Alternative: 1

99. By which one of the following measures the human immuno deficiency virus does not spread?
Alt:1 Sexual contact
Alt:2 Blood transfusions
Alf:3 Use of intoxicant drugs
Alt: 4 Shaking hands

Corect Alternative : 4

100. The three-fier system of Panchayat Raj was recommended by
Alt:1 Kaka Kalelkar Committee
Alt: 2 Simon Commision
Alt:3 Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
Alt:4 Jai Ptakash Narain Committee
Corect Alternative: 3

By Shailesh Kumar
NOV 16, 2019 18:19 IST
RRB Paramedical All nursing paper pdf click here

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