AIIMS EXAM prepration free pdf 2020

AIIMS EXAM prepration free pdf 2020

001. Guardian of shoulder joint is
(A) Sub acromial bursa (B) Glenoidal labrum
(C) Rotator cuff (D) Coraco – humeral ligament

002. The largest branch of coeliac axis in fetal and early postnatal life is
(A) Left gastric artery (B) Hepatic artery
(C) Right gastric artery (D) Splenic artery

003. The largest division of thalamus is
(A) Lateral thalamic nuclei (B) Anterior thalamic nuclei
(C) Medial thalamic nuclei (D) Ventral posterior nuclei

004. Superior cerebellar artery is the branch of
(A) Posterior cerebral artery (B) Vertebral artery
(C) Basilar artery (D) Posterior spinal artery

005. Functional areas of cerebral cortex not connected by corpus callosum is
(A) Primary visual area (B) Primary auditory area
(C) Premotor area (D) Pre-frontal area

006. The right bundle branch of AV bundle derives blood supply from
(A) The right coronary artery (B) The left coronary artery
(C) Both the coronary arteries (D) Any one of the coronary arteries (Variably)

007. The pudendal nerve divides into it’s terminal branches in the
(A) Pudendal canal (B) Ischiorectal fossa
(C) Gluteal region (D) Pelvis

008. Conducting tissue of the heart is the modification of
(A) Epicardium (B) Myocardium
(C) Endocardium (D) Nerve fibers

009. Which paranasal sinus is called as Bullar sinuses?
(A) Anterior ethmoidal air cells (B) Middle ethmoidal air cells
(C) Posterior ethmoidal air cells (D) Maxillary sinus

010. Uncinate process of pancreas is anteriorly related to
(A) Superior mesenteric vessels
(B) Inferior mesenteric vessels
(C) Abdominal aorta
 (D) Portal vein

011. Ciliary epithelium is
(A) Trilaminar
(B) Unilaminar
(C) Bilaminar
(D) Basal lamina continuous with external limiting membrane of retina

012. Navicular fossa is found in
(A) Preprostatic urethra
 (B) Prostatic urethra
(C) Bulbar urethra
(D) Penile urethra

013. What is true about meningeal arteries?
(A) They are all branches of maxillary artery.
(B) They all supply all three layers of meninges
(C) They do not supply lepto meninges
(D) Though they supply endocranium, they do not supply diploe.

014. Segmental innervation of quadriceps femoris muscle
(A) L2, L3, L4 (B) L4, L5
(C) L4, L5, S1, S2 (D) L5, S1

015. The circle of Willis
(A) Equalizes pressure of blood flow to both sides of brain.
(B) Has the middle cerebral artery in it’s lateral part.
(C) Is an arterio venous circle in interpeduncular fossa
(D) Has no role to play in collateral circulation.

016. The relation of uterine artery and ureter is remembered as
(A)Blood under the bridge (B) Lymph under the bridge
(C) Water under the bridge (D) Urine under the bridge

017. One of the extrinsic shoulder muscle is
(A) Levator scapulae (B) Deltoid
(C) Pectoralis major (D) Supraspinatus

018 Gluteus medius muscle is supplied by :-
(A) Obturator artery (B) Ilio-inguinal artery
(C) Superior gluteal artery (D) Inferior gluteal artery

019. All of following statements of adrenal gland are true except:-
(A) Both are supplied by 3 arteries
(B) Both adrenal glands drain directly into inferior vena cava
(C) Right gland is pyramidal in shape
(D) Average weight is about 5 gms

020. Intervertebral disc is an example for
(A) hyaline cartilage (B) sponge bone
(C) elastic cartilage (D) fibro cartilage

021. Platelet factor 4 is contained in _______ of platelets
(A) Dense bodies (B) Lysosomes
(C) Alpha granules (D) Peroxisomes

022. Normal Interstitial fluid Hydrostatic pressure is
(A) 3 mm Hg (B) – 3 mm Hg
(C) 6 mm Hg (D) – 6 mm Hg

023. The normal intrapleural pressure at the beginning of inspiration is
(A) 5 mm Hg (B) 1 mm Hg
(C) – 2.5 mm Hg (D) – 6 mm Hg

024. The solubility of CO2 in blood is _______ times that of Oxygen
(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 20
(D) 100

025. Transfer of which of the following gas across the alveolo capillary membrane is diffusion limited
(A) Nitrous Oxide
(B) Carbon Monoxide
(C) Carbon Dioxide
 (D) Oxygen

026. Synthetic Dexamethasone is _______ as potent as Cortisol
(A) 2 times
(B) 50 times
(C) 10 times
(D) 30 times

027. Testosterone is formed by
(A) Interstitial cells of Leydig
(B) Sertoli cells
(C) Fibroblast
(D) Germinal epithelium

028. Hypothalamus secretes GnRH in pulses lasting for
(A) 5 – 25 minutes
(B) 40 – 60 minutes
(C) 60 – 90 minutes
(D) 2 – 4 minutes

029. The first meiotic division of the Oocyte occurs
(A) During early embryonic period
(B) Fifth month of fetal development
(C) After puberty
(D) Before pregnancy

030. Augmented limb leads, compared to the non-augmented leads, increase the size of the potentials by
(A) 25%
(B) 50%
(C) 75%
(D) 100%

031. The total surface area of capillary bed of entire body is
(A) 500 – 700 m2
(B) 100 m2
(C) 250 – 400 m2
(D) 1000 m2

032. In peristalsis neurotransmitters producing relaxation ahead of the stimulus are
(A) Ach and substance P
(B) VIP and NO
(C) Serotonin and dopamine
(D) CGRP and adenosine

033. Most potent endogenous vasopressor is
(A) Angiotensin II
(B) Renin
(C) Nor epinephrine
 (D) Epinephrine

034. What % of total body potassium is contained in the body cells?
(A) 50%
(B) 38%
(C) 78%
 (D) 98%

035. The only output cells from the cerebellar cortex are the axons of
(A) Granule cells
 (B) Stellate cells
(C) Purkinje cells
 (D) Golgi cells

036. Carotid body baroreceptor is mosr sensitive to:-
(A) Mean arterial pressure
(B) Diastolic blood pressure
(C) Systolic blood pressure
(D) Pulse pressure

037. Energy expenditure in resting state depends on:
(A) Lean body mass
 (B) Adipose tissue
(C) Resting heart rate
(D) Exercise

038. Increase in intracranial pressure is not associated with:
(A) Deterioration of consciousness
(B) Tachycardia
(C) Respiratory depression
(D) Increase in BP

039. Filtration pressure in glomeruli of kidney is:
(A) 10 mm of Hg
(B) 6 mm of Hg
(C) 15 mm of Hg
(D) 20 mm of Hg

040. Erythropoiesis is promoted by al the following except:
 (B) Thyroxin
(C) Oestrogen
(D) Prolactin

041. On oxidation, glucose will give rise to all the following, except:
(A) glucuronic acid
(B) gluconic acid
(C) glucosaccharic acid
(D) glycoside

042. Hydrolysis of fat by alkali is called:
(A) Esterification
 (B) Inositol
(C) Mannitol
 (D) Choline

043. Glucose is absorbed by gastrointestinal cells by:
(A) Passive diffusion
(B) Carrier mediated co-transport system, along with sodium
(C) Carrier mediated antiport system , along with potassium
(D) Needs no ATP

044. Creatinine is synthesized from the following amino acids, except:
(A) Arginine
(B) aspartic acid
(C) Glycine
(D) Methionine

045. When pH falls by 1 unit , the hydrogen ion concentration :
(A) Decreases 10 times
(B) Increases two fold
(C) Changes by 7 times
(D) Increases 10 times

046. Nyctalopia is due to the deficiency of :
(A) vitamine K
(B) vitamine E
(C) vitamine B12
 (D) Vitamine A

047. Which one of following statements about the fed and fasting metabolic states is correct?
(A) Fatty acids and triacylglycerol are synthesized in the liver in the fasting state.
(B) In the fasting state the main fuel for the central nervous system is fatty acids released from adipose tissue.
(C) In the fasting state the main metabolic fuel for most tissues comes from fatty acids released from adipose tissue.
(D) In the fed state muscle cannot take up glucose for use as a metabolic fuel because glucose transport in muscle is stimulated in response to glucagon.

048. All are true with regard to fructose intolerance, except:
(A) Defective enzyme is aldolase-B
 (B) Fructose-1-phosphate accumulates
(C) Glycogen phosphorylase is inhibited
(D) Urine is positive for Rothera’s test

049. The key enzyme in the pathway of cholesterol biosynthesis is:
(A) HMG-CoA synthase (B) HMG-CoA lyase
(C) HMG-CoA reductase (D) Mevalonate kinase

050. Glutathione does all of the following except
(A) Participate in the transport of amino acids across some cell membranes.
(B) Acts as a cofactor for some enzymes.
(C) Form conjugates with some drugs to increase water solubility.
(D) Decreases the stability of erythrocyte membranes

051. Opalescent urine is seen in?
(A) Porphyria
(B) Alkaptonuria
(C) Chyluria
(D) Creatinuria

052. Which of the following compounds have a clearance value higher than GFR?
(A) Uric acid
(B) Diodrast
(C) Urea
(D) Inulin

053. Which of the following will have the lowest glycemic index?
(A) Baked apple
(B) Baked potato
(C) Potato chips
(D) Uncooked potato

054. Low levels of the following PUFA in the body causes the disease retinitis pigmentosa
(A) eicosatetraenoate
(B) eicosapentaenoate
(C) docosahexaenoate
(D) eicosatrienoate

055. Deficiency of LPL and apo C-II causes
(A) type I hyperlipidemia
(B) type III hyperlipidemia
(C) type V hyperlipidemia
 (D) Tangier disease

056. One of the complications of tissue repair is
(A) Keloid
 (B) Ulcer
(C) Abscess
(D) Wound contraction

057. Microalbuminuria is the persistent elevation of urinary albumin excretion in an early morning urine sample
(A) 20-200 mg /L
(B) 30-300 mg/L
(C) 10-100 mg/L
 (D) 40-400 mg/L

058. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is decreased in
(A) Multiple myeloma
(B) Rheumatic fever
(C) Sickle cell anemia
(D) Rheumatoid arthritis

059. Prolonged Prothrombin time is seen in the following conditions except
(A) Liver disease
(B) Obstructive jaundice
(C) Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
(D) Patient on aspirin therapy

060. Heinz bodies are seen in
(A) Aplastic anemia
 (B) Hereditary spherocytosis
(C) G-6-PD deficiency
(D) Iron deficiency anemia

061. Pleural effusion due to cardiac failure is an example of
(A) Serous inflammation
(B) Fibrinous inflammation
(C) Purulent inflammation
(D) Granulomatous inflammation

062. The following are examples of disease with granulomatous inflammation except
(A) Leprosy
 (B) Tuberculosis
(C) Actinomycosis
 (D) Sarcoidosis

063. The factors that prolong wound healing includes all except
(A) Infection
(B) Diabetes Mellitus
(C) Foreign bodies
(D) Antiinflammatory drugs

064. Graft Versus Host Disease is common with the following transplantation
(A) Liver transplantation
 (B) Corneal transplantation
(C) Haemopoietic stem cell transplantation
(D) Renal transplantation

065. Which one is not a tumor marker?
(A) Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin
(B) Calcitonin
(C) Troponin
 (D) Prostatic acid phosphatase

066. Which one is called as guardian of genome?
 (B) P53
(C) NF2

067. Which one is an example for immune complex mediated disease?
(A) Anaphylaxis
(B) Bronchial asthma
(C) Serum sickness
(D) Myasthenia gravis

068. Chemical mediator mainly responsible for cachexia in advanced malignancy is
(A) Tumour - necrosis factor
(B) Transforming Growth Factor
(C) Interferon
(D) Histamine

069. Sago spleen is seen in
(A) Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
(B) Amyloidosis
(C) Malaria
(D) Lymphoma

070. Haemodialysis isassociated amyloidosis is due to the deposition of
(A) AA amyloid
(B) Beta 2 microglobulin
(C) AL amyloid
(D) Transthyretin

071. Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndrome Acanthosa nigricans is associated with
(A) Carcinoma of stomach
 (B) Carcinoma of lung
(C) Lymphoma
(D) Multiple myeloma

072. Alpha fetoprotein is elevated in
(A) Neuroblastoma
 (B) Prostatic Carcinoma
(C) Hepatocellular carcinoma
(D) Pheochromocytoma

073. Malignant tumour which does not metastasize
(A) Basal cell carcinoma
(B) Squamous cell carcinoma
(C) Malignant melanoma
(D) Lymphoma

074. Common sites of blood borne metastasis are except
(A) Lung
(B) Spleen
(C) Liver
 (D) Bone

075. The necrosis found in the centre of tuberculosis infection
(A) Caseous necrosis
(B) Coagulative necrosis
(C) Liquefactive necrosis
(D) Fat necrosis

076. An Example of composite media is
(A) Triple Sugar Iron Agar
 (B) Christensen’s Urease medium
(C) Simmon’s citrate medium
 (D) All of the above
077. Contact dermatitis comes under which type of hypersensitivity
(A) Type I
(B) Type II
(C) Type III
(D) Type IV

078. The most commonly used sterilisation condition for an autoclave is
(A) 138°C for 15 mins at 15lbs/psi
(B) 121°C for 15 mins at 15lbs/psi
(C) 121°C for 15 mins at 18lbs/psi
 (D) 138°C for 15 mins at 18lbs/psi

079. The high temperature dry oxidation process that reduces organic and combustible waste into non-organic incombustible manner is
(A) Incineration
(B) Inertization
(C) Microwaving
 (D) Plasma pyrolysis

080. The urinary catheters after use are to be disposed into the following colour coded bin
(A) Red
 (B) White
(C) Yellow
 (D) Blue

081. Epitope is seen in
(A) Antigen
(B) Antibody
(C) Complement
(D) Platelets

082. Sporicidal agents are all except
(A) Ethylene Oxide
(B) Formaldehyde
(C) Ethyl alcohol
(D) Hydrogen peroxide

083. Robertson’s cooked meat medium is used for
(A) Culture of aerobic bacteria
(B) Culture of anaerobes
(C) Fungal culture
(D) Culture of parasites

084. Disinfectant used for sterilization of endoscopes
(A) 2% Glutaraldehyde
 (B) 5% Glutaraldehyde
(C) 10% Formaldehyde
(D) 5% Formaldehyde

085. Bacteria which survives Holder method of pasteurization
(A) Mycobacteria
 (B) Brucella
(C) Salmonella
(D) Coxiella

086. Multiple ring forms in a red blood cell are seen in
(A) Plasmodium ovale
 (B) Plasmodium vivax
(C) Plasmodium malariae
(D) Plasmodium falcipararum

087. Entamoeba trophozoites are present in the lumen of
(A) Duodenum
(B) Ileum
(C) Large intestine
(D) Jejunum

088. Plasmodium malariae is the most important cause
of transfusion malaria because
(A) Level of parasitemia is very high
(B) Merozoites remain in blood for very long period
(C) It is the most common form in tropics
(D) Spleen is infected

089. In pulmonary amoebiasis sputum examination will show
(A) Amoebic trophozoites
(B) Amoebic cyst
(C) Both (A) and (B)
 (D) None of the above

090. The risk of vertical transmission of Hepatitis B virus is high if the mother is positive to
(A) Hbe Ag
(B) HBs Ag
(C) Low levels of Anti HBs
(D) Low levels of Anti Hbe

091. In mycobacterium tuberculosis culture negative report is given if no growth occurs after
(A) 8 weeks of incubation
(B) 6 weeks of incubation
(C) 2-4 weeks of incubation
(D) 1-2 weeks of incubation

092. Almost all tissues in human body can be affected by trophozoites of
(A) Amoebiasis
 (B) Filariasis
(C) Malaria
(D) Leishmaniasis

093. All are non bile stained eggs except
(A) Eggs of Ascarisl umbricoides
(B) Eggs of Ancylostoma duodenale
(C) Eggs of Enterobius vermicularis
(D) Eggs of Hymenolepsis nana

094. Mature cyst of Entamoeba histolytica contains how many nuclei
(A) 4
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 8

095. Common name for Ancylostoma duodenale
(A) Round worm
(B) Hook worm
(C) Whip worm
(D) Pin worm

096. Cephalic index determination is important for deducting
(A) Height
(B) Sex
(C) Race
(D) Cranial volume

097. Lucid interval is characteristic of
(A) Epidural bleed
 (B) Subdural bleed
(C) Subarachnoid bleed
 (D) Intracerebral bleed

098. The first earliest visible sign of decomposition is
(A) Distension of abdomen
B) Greenish discoloration over right iliac fossa
(C) Marbling
(D) Postmortem peeling of skin

099. In dry drowning death is due to
(A) Water logging of lungs
 (B) Spasm of larynx
(C) Cardiac inhibition
(D) Ventricular fibrillation

100. What is lynching?
(A) Beating to death
(B) Stoning to death
(C) Homicidal hanging
 (D) Suicidal attempt



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