Lab technician exam Question Answer key 2020

 1. Which is an Eukaryote?
a.     Mycoplasma
b.     b. Bacteria
c.     c. Fungus
d.     d. Virus

2. The colour of Gram positive bacteria in Gram stain is ….
a. Pink
b. Purple
c. Black
d. Colourless

3. Normal value of Thrombin Time (TT) is....
a. 30- 40 seconds
b. 11- 15 seconds
 c. 200-400 mg/dL
d. 200- 400 seconds

4. The viruses can be grown in laboratory in .........
a. Blood agar
b. Chocolate agar
c. Nutrient broth containing serum
d. Living cells.

5. The selective medium for Vibrio cholerae is …..
a. MacConkey agar
 b.Mannitol salt agar
c. Cetrimide agar
d. Thiosulfate citrate bile salt sucrose agar

 6. The bacterial cell multiplication is usually by….
a. Mitosis
b. Meiosis
c. Conjugation
d. Binary fission

7. Christmas factor is.....
b. VII
c. IX

8. Tourniquet test is positive in ..........
a. Multiple myeloma
b. Polycythemia
c. Hemophilia
d. Purpuras  
, 8.d

9. Glass vessels and glass syringes are best sterilised by......
a. Hot air oven
b. Autoclaving
 c. Irradiation
d. Ethylene dioxide.
, 9.a

10. The media used for culture of Myobacterium tuberculosis is.....
a. Lowenstein-Jensen medium
 b. Ogawa medium
c. Dorsett’s egg medium
d. All of the above
, 10. d

11. Cidex is……….
a. 2% gluteraldehyde
b. 2% iodine
c. 2% sodium hypochlorite
d. None of the above
, 11.a

12. How many nuclei are there in cyst of Giardia lamblia?
a. One
c. Four
 d. Eight
 12.c ,

13. The best skin antiseptic is…….
a. Methanol    
b. 100% ethanol   
 c. Tincture iodine  
 d. Phenol

14. The bacteria showing beta-hemolysis on blood agar is….
a. Staphylococcus aureus
b. Streptococcus pyogenes
c. Streptococcus agalactie
d. All of the above

15. Bacteria that require large amount of CO2 is called……..
a. Mesophillic   
b. Thermophillic
c. Halophillic
d. Capnophillic

16. Facultative anaerobic bacteria grow....
a. Only in abasence of oxygen
b. Only in presence of oxygen
c. In absence or presence of oxygen
d. Non of the above
16.c ,

17. CA 15.3 tumor marker is done for....
a. Colon cancer
b. Ovar cancer
c. Lung cancer
c. Breast cancer
17.d ,

18. Ideal thickness of coverslip commonly used for counting chamber is ......
 a. 0.4 mm
b. 0.3 mm
c. 0.2 mm
d. 0.1 mm

19. Platelet count should be preferably done within.....
a. 30 min
b. 1 hour
c. 2 hours
d. 3 hours
19.a ,

20. ''Arneth'' count related to......
a. WBC count
b. RBC count  
c. Platelet count
d. Eosinophil count

 21. Wright stain is a.........
\a. Acidic stain
b. Basic stain
c. Neutral stain
d. Supravital stain

 22. .......... is the better to collect the blood sample for Microfilaria.
a. Before having any food   
 b. At any time
c. In the morning    
d. At mid night
22.d ,

23. Function of platelets is .........
 a. Supply the nutrition    
b. Stop the bleeding
c. Supply the oxygen    
d. Defense
23.b ,

24. Bleeding from nose is called ......
a. Melena
b. Haemoptysis
c. Epistaxis
d. Haematemesis

25. The PH of Drabkin's solution is .........
a. 4 to 5.4
b. 7 to 7.4
 c. 7.4 to 8.0
d. 8.0 to 8.5
25.b ,

26. Indirect coomb’s test can perform by....
a. 1 tube procedure
b. 2tube procedure
c. 3 tube procedure
d. Both a and b

27. The anticoagulant Heparin derives its name from the organ.......
a. Kidney
b. Heart
c. liver
d. Lungs

28. When was ABO group discovered?
a. 1940
b. 1900
c. 1856

29. FFP can be preserved utilized till…
a. 35 days
 b. 6 hours   
 c. 12 hours   
d. 1 years

30. Father of blood circulation is .....
a. William Harvey  
 b. Karl landsteiner    
c. Dr. Cohn d. Joseph Lister

31. Storage of blood bag below 2-8 °C (freezing) causes......
a. Increases WBC counts
b. Increases RBC counts
 c. Increases Platelets counts
d. Hemolysis occurs

32. Normality is expressed as......
a. Grams/litre
b. GM equivalents/litre
c. Moles/100 gm
d. Grams/litre
32. b

33. What is the function of ATP?
a. Message carrier
b. Store and transport energy
c. Make proteins
d. Breakdown sugars
33.b ,

34. Fluoride inhibite the ........ enzyme in glycolysis.
a. Enolase
b. Cis aconitate
c. Succinate thiokinase
d. Aldolase
34.a ,

35. Bilirubin is not excreted in urine in ....
a. Obstructive jaundice
b. Hepatic jaundice
c. Hemolytic jaundice
d. All three
35.c ,

36. Maltose on hydrolysis gives.....
a. Glucose + Galactose    
b. Glucose + Sucrose
c. Glucose + Glucose   
d. Glucose + Fructose

37. Which is best stain for reticulocyte count....
a. Alcian blue
b. Brilliant cressal blue
c. Toludine blue
d. New methylene blue

38. Inulin is....
a. Lipid
b. Protein
 c. Carbohydrate
d. Vitamin

39. The Beta oxiadtion of palmetic acid provides... ATP
a. 8
b. 38
c. 129
d. 146
39.a ,

40. Sideroblastic anaemia is commonly........
a. Macrocytic
b. Microcytic
c. Normocytic
d. Spherocytic

41. A person can donate blood in ......
a. Every 2 months
b. Every 3 months
c. Every 4 months
d. Half yearly

 42. The culture media commonly used for fungus culture is....
 a. Bood agar
b. MacConkey agar
c. Saubroud dextrose agar
d. Chocolate agar

43. Semen analysis is indicated to detect .........
a. Sterlity
b. Fertility
c. Impotence
d. Deformity
43.b ,

44. Earliest marker for cardiac profile test..
a. LDH
b. Troponin T hs
c. AST
d. CK MB

45. All are gram positive bacilli except……
 a. Escherichia coli
b. Bacillus species
c. Clostridium species
d. Listeria monocytogenes

46. All of the followings are enriched medium except .......
a. MacConkey agar
b. Blood agar
c. Chocolate agar
d. Loeffler serum slope

 47. The bacteria which is motile without of flagella is…..
a. Escherichia coli   
b. Salmonella Typhi
 c. Proteus vulgaris   
d. Treponema pallidum

48. Ionizing radiation can be used for sterilization of:
a. Plastic syringe b. Gloves
c. Cathters d. all of the above

49. The important source of nutrition for bacteria to
a. Agar
b. Electrolytes
c. Inorganic salts
d. Peptones
50. Benedict's test is used to detect ....... in urine
a. Glucose
 b. Albumin
c. Acetone
 d. Protein



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