Histopathology Mcqs,most Important mcqs,

  • Q1 - which of the following can be used as  fixatives?

A 10% natural buffered Formalin
B-  Bouin’s  fluid
C- Carnoy’s  fluid
D- all of the above

Answer - D- all of the above

Q2- what should be the ratio between the volume of the tissue and the fixative
A-   1 ratio 5
B-    1  : 10
C-    1 ratio 20
D-    1 ratio 100

Answer – c

Q 3 - what is the usual concentration of the commercial formaldehyde available
A- 7 to 10%
B- 17 to 27%
C- 37 to 40%
D-40 to 50%

Answer – c

Q4 - which is the most commonly used fixative in clinical practice?
A-   10% natural buffered Formalin
B-     Zenkres fluid
C-    Bouins fluid
D-   Cornoy’s fluid

Answer – A

Q-5- Bouins fluid is yellow because of the presence of –
A-   chloroform
B-    picric acid
C-    formaldehyde
D-    Iodine

Answer – B

Q6 -  of the following…………… is a components of Zenkar’s fluids ?

A-   mercuric chloride
B-    potassium dichromate
C-    sodium sulphate
D-   all of the above  

Answer - D
Q 7 - which of the the following acid may be used for decalcification ?
A- 25% sulfuric acid
B-  5% nitric acid
C- 20% hydrochloric acid
D-30% orthophosphoric Acid

Answer - D

 Q8 -which of the following acid is used in the electrolytic method for decalcification?
A-    formic acid
B-    nitric acid
C-    HCL
D-   Acetic

Answer - A

Q9-  tissue Processing Unit are  also known as ?
A-   HistoKinette
B-    Histomat
C-    Histobath
D-   Histoform

Answer -  A

Q10 – The Section cutting Machine is Known as----
A-   Microtome
B-    Histomate
C-    Histocut
D-   Histoform

Answer - A



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