Study Of Gram Positive Bacteria

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Chapter - 1 

Study Of Gram Positive Bacteria

Q1= Gram Positive organisms are able to retain the Crystal Violet stain because of the present........high amount in the cell wall?

A- Teichoic Acid

B- Peptidoglycan

C- Both

D- None

Ans- B (Peptidoglycan)

Q2= Which colour stain of Gram Positive Bacteria by Gram staining?

A- Blue / Violet

B- Pink

C- Red

D- Yellow

Ans- A(Blue / Violet)

Q3= Tuberculosis bacilli resistance decolorization by?

A- acid 

B- alcohol 

C- Both 

D- None

Ans- C

Q4= Mycobacterium tuberculosis are known as other name is....?

A- Hensen's bacilli

B- Lepre

C- motile bacilli

D- Koch Bacilli

Ans- D

Q5= which medium is preferred for the growth of clostridia?

A- L-J medium

B- Blood agar medium

C- Robertson's cooked meat Broth

D- None OF The Above

Ans- C

Q6= which are responsible for Glomerulonephritis and acute rheumatic fever?

A- Streptococci

B- staphylococcus

C- pneumococcus 

D- all of the above

Ans- A

Q7= which of the following is responsible for gas gangrene disease?

A- Streptococci

B- staphylococcus

C- pneumococcus 

D- Clostridium perfringens

Ans- D

Q8- Gas Gangrene is Not Caused By?

A- Clostridium perfringens

B-Clostridium Botulinum

C- Clostridium Novyi

D- Clostridium Septicum

Ans- B

Q9= L-J medium Is Use To Grow......?

A- mycobacterium tuberculosis

B- vibrio cholerae

C- s.typhi

D- diplococcus

Ans- A

Q10- auramine rhodamine fluorescent stain is used to identify?

A- diplococci

B- mycobacteria 

C- spirochete 

D- corynebacteria

Ans- B

Q11= how many types identified of clostridium botulinum?

A- 5 Types

B- 8 Types

C- 4 Types

D- 9 Types

Ans- B


type= A,B,E,F, causes disease in humans

type= C,D causes disease in animals

Q12= Which type of toxins are present in clostridium botulinum?

A- neurotoxic

B- Enterotoxic

C- None

D- A&B

Ans- D

type- A,B,C1,D,E,F,G are present neurotoxic

type- C2 only present Enterotoxic

Q13= A sexually transmitted bacterial disease is?

(a) AIDS

(b) Syphilis

(c) Herpes

(d) Hepatitis

Ans- B

Q14=Which anti tubercular drug is contraindicated for pregnant women.

(a) Ethambutol

(b) INH(Isoniazid)

(c) Streptomycin

(d) Rifampicin

Ans- C

Q15= stain used for the detection of corynebacterium diphtheriae ?

A- giemsa stain 

B- albert stain 

C- Ziehl–Neelsen stain 

D- capsule stain

Ans- B

Q16= Arrangement of cocci in clusters is known as-

A- staphylococcus

B- diplococci

C- streptococcus

D- pneumococci 

Ans- A

Q17= the organ of locomotion in bacteria are

A- Capsule

B- flagellum

C- Pili

D- mesosomes

Ans- B

Q18= Positive tuberculin Test indicates

A- T cell Mediated immunity to Mycobacterial Antigen

B- Humoral Immunity

C- Innate Immunity

D-NK Cell Immunity

Ans- A

Q19= Which type Ziehl–Neelsen staining use in mycobacterium leprosy?

A- ZN Hot reagents

B-ZN cool reagents

C- Both

D- None

Ans- B

Q20= The standard recommended tuberculin test, known as the Mantoux test, is administered by injecting a 0.1 mL of a liquid containing (tuberculin units) of PPD

A- 50000 TU

B- 5000 TU

C- 500 TU

D- 5 TU

Ans- D

Q21= Mannitol salt agar is selective and differential for

which group of organisms?

a. Staphylococcus spp.

b. Enterococcus spp.

c. Gram-positive cocci

d. Streptococcus spp.

Ans- A

Q22=The best specimen for the isolation of Bordetella pertussis

is which of the following?

a. Throat swabs

b. Sputum

c. Nasopharyngeal aspirates

d. Anterior nose swab

Ans- C

Q23= What cells are found in bacterial vaginosis?

a. Clue cells

b. Lymphocytes

c. Macrophages

d. Squamous epithelial cells


Q24=Loeffler's medium is used as a primary isolation medium for-

A- bordetella pertussis

B-corynebacterium diphtheriae

C- mycobacterium tuberculosis

D- streptococcus pyogenes

Ans- B

 bordetella pertussis- Bordet Gengau media.

mycobacterium tuberculosis- Lowenstein jensen media

streptococcus pyogenes- Blood Agar Media.

Q25= Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria which type Colony growth in Lowenstein jensen's medium?

A- cauliflower colonies

B- Punctiform (tiny) colonies

C-Circular colonies

D- none

Ans- A

Q26= which medium used for the study of cultural characteristics of clostridium tetani

A- Blood Agar

B- Robertson's cooked meat

C- chocolates Agar

D- A and B

Ans- D

Q27= Corynebacterium diphtheriae  is known as other name is-

A- Klebs–Löffler bacillus

B- Hensense Bacilus

C- Koch Bacilus

D- None 

Ans- A

Q28=Albert stain smear of corynebacterium diphtheriae Roads showing beaded granules in ............... colours

A- blue

B- red

C- Green

D- Pink

Ans- C

Q29= which use  as the primary stain in Ziehl-Neelsen Staining,

A- Sulfuric acid

B- carbolfuchsin

C- methylene blue

D- All

Ans- B

Q30= which use  as the counterstain in Ziehl-Neelsen Staining,

A- Sulfuric acid

B- carbolfuchsin

C- methylene blue

D- All

Ans- C

 Chapter - 1 Study of Gram Positive bacteria

Chapter -2 Clinical Mycology

Chapter - 3 Automation In Bacteriology



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