CCRAS Staff Nurse exam Answer key 18 December 2019

Central Council for Research in in ayurvedic science Ministry of Government of India conduct the exam of staff nurse requirements exams 18 December 2019 the answer Key is download 24 December 2019 to 27 December 2019. If you not able to download please please see below al questions and answers. And see video please please visit to YouTube channel medical tuber.

Section: Subject Discipline

Q.1 The immediate action to control severe bleeding is:
Ans A. Apply direct pressure using hand or cloth✔
XB. Apply dressing pad
XC. Immobilize the injured part
XD. Place the person in a suitable position

Q.2 The causative organism for tapeworm infection:
Ans A. Taenia solium✔
XB. Leishmania donovani
XC. Trypanosoma cruzei
XD. Enterobius vermicularis

Q.3 All of these are the muscles of mastication EXCEPT:
Ans XA. Pterygoid
XB. Temporalis
XC. Masseter
D. Sternocleidomastoid✔

Q.4 All these are the rights of delegation EXCEPT:
Ans XA. Right time
B.Right place✔
XC. Right person
XD.Right task

Q.5 Insulin 10U in 50ml of 50% dextrose is prescribed for a patient with chronic renal failure to
Ans XA. Hyponatremia
XB. Hypokalemia
XC. Hyperglycemia
D. Hyperkalemia✔

Q.6 A dying patient is reserved and depressed. The appropriate nursing action is:
Ans A. Accepting the patient's behavioural adaptation✔
XB. Giving advice when appropriate
XC. Asking patient to focus on positive thoughts
X D. Assuring that the patient can achieve goals

Q.7 A child with chicken pox has to be isolated from other children in the school til:
Ans XA. four days after fever subsides
XB. five days after the development of pustules
XC. three days after the scabs are formed
D. the scabs fall off✔

Q.8 All are factors influencing socialization, EXCEPT:
Ans XA. Identification
XB. Language
XC. Imitation
D. Laws✔

Q.9 A 45 years old man of height 1.6 m weighs 70 kg. Calculated BMI is 27.3. He is classified
Ans XA. Nomal weight
XB. Obese class l
C.Pre obese I✔
XD.Obese class

Q.10 An indication for primary use of electroconvulsive therapy is:
Ans XA. Non compliance with treatment
XB. Antisocial behaviour
XC. Severe agitation
D. Major depression with psychotic features✔

Q.12 A leadership theory that propagates the leader to be a guide for the employees, to help
them acquire pride in the work and to inspire them to be actively engaged to achieve the
mission and goals of the organization is:
Ans A. Transactional
B. Transformational✔
XC. Interactional
XD. Trait

Q.13 Which action confirms that the nurse is using Z technique to administer iron injection?
Ans XA. Creates a z shaped grid on the abdomen and injects each dose daily
X B. Uses special syringe to administer injection
C. Pulls skin downward or laterally before inserting the needle✔
XD. Uses the anterior lateral aspect of the thigh to inject

Q.14 An example for superficial reflex:
Ans A. Babinski reflex✔
XB. Triceps jerk
XC.Stretch reflex
XD. Biceps jerk

Q.15 An ethical principle that obligates faithfulness to commitments and responsibilities is:
Ans A.Fidelity✔
B. Nonmaleficence
XC. Veracity

Q.16 The nature of the stated hypothesis, "Women whose partners attended labor and delivery
would need less pain-relieving medication than women who were alone" is:
Ans XA. Complex
XB. Null
XD. Non directional

Q.17 The most appropriate method of instruction a nurse can use while teaching a postoperative
patient deep breathing and coughing exercises is
Ans XA. Video presentation
B. Demonstration✔
X D. Pamphlet with pictures

Q.18 The media used to grow fastidious bacteria is:
Ans A. Meat extract broth
B.Chocolate agar✔
X C.Peptone water
D. Tetrathhionate broth

Q.19 A patient has clinical features of dyspnea, dependent edema, crackles, hepatomegaly and
jugular vein distension. The possible clinical condition that the nurse should suspect is:
Ans A. Tension pneumothorax
XB. Pulmonary embolism
XC. Cardiac tamponade
D. Heart failure✔

Q.20 What is the type of fracture that occurs in children where the bone is bent but not broken?
Ans A. Buckle deformation
B. Plastic deformation✔
XC. Greenstick fracture
XD. Torus fracture

Q.21 A vitamin that functions like a steroid hormone:
Ans A.D✔

Q.22 Which technique is most suitable to move an unconscious patient?
Ans XA. Four handed seat carry
B. Improvised stretcher✔
X C. Human crutch
X D. Hook grip

Q.23 While evaluating the patient for complications of acute pancreatitis, the nurse should
observe for:
Ans XA. increased intracranial pressure
X B. bradycardia
C. decre ased urine output✔
X D. hypertension

Q.24 The permissible level of radiation per year to occupational exposure should not exceed:
Ans XA.7 rad
XB.2 rad
C.5 rad✔
X D. 10 rad

Q.25 The statistical measure ANOVA is used to test whether or not the:
Ans XA. means of two or more populations are equal
XB. group differences in proportions exists
C.means of more than two samples arg equal✔
D. means of two samples are equal

Q.26 A chemically defined determinant that change into complete antigen on combining with a
carrier molecule is:
Ans XA. Epitope
X B. Phagocytes

Q.27 The mineral that regulates muscle contraction and nerve transmission is:
Ans XA. Sulphur
B. Magnesium✔
X D. Zinc

Q.28 A young lady spends several hours in organizing, reorganizing and checking the orderliness
of her clothing cabinet. Her behavior indicates:
Ans XA. Obsession
XB. Transference

Q.29 The document that notifies the central venous catheter care that includes the frequency of
tubing change, type of fluid used for flushing, frequency of dressing change, type of
dressing materials to be used and other aspects of care is:
Ans XA. Institutional policies
A B. Care pathways
XC. Standards of care

Q.30 The specimen collection that does not require the use of surgical aseptic technique is:
Ans XA. Specimen for a throat culture
B. Stool for ova and parasites✔
XC. Exudate from a wound for culture and sensitivity
D. Urine from a retention catheter

Q.31 Considering the leadership styles, the term that suits a democratic leader is:
Ans A. Consultative✔
B. Oppressive
XC. Directive
D. Permissive

Q.32 The staple food of villagers of 3000 population is maize. These villagers are at risk for:
Ans XA. Bitot's spot
B. Beriberi
XC. Scurvy
D. Pellagra✔

Q.33 While preparing a pregnant woman for amniocentesis, the nurse should:
Ans XA. place her in left lateral position
X B. instruct her to drink 1L of water
C. instruct her to void✔
XD. prepare her for IV anesthesia

Q.34 Which of these in an independent nursing function?
Ans XA. Applying a warm soak on an infiltrated IV site
B. Assigning another nurse to administer medications✔
C. Irrigating a patient's wound with normal saline
XD. Limiting fluids when a patient has an intake order of 1L /day

Q.35 The defense mechanism used by a lady who is unable to bear a child engages self in
working with children is:
Ans A. Sublimation✔
X B. Displacement
XD. Compensation

Q.36 In an ECG the cause for t wave is:
Ans XA. Atrial depolarization
XB. Atrial repolarization I
Xc. Ventricular depolarization
D. Ventricular repolarization✔

Q.37 An unresponsive child is lying on the floor. You shout for help. A check shows that the child
is not breathing. The immediate action will be:
Ans XA. Give chest thrust and back blows
B. Start artificial respiration
C. Give external chest compressions✔
XD. Look for external defibrillator

Q.38 The back pressure arm lift method of artificial respiration is known as:
Ans XA. Henry Heimlich method
B. Holger Nielsen method✔
XC.Roger Buck method
X D. Schafer Nick method

Q.39 An angry nurse defames the patient through her comment that he is rude and domineering.
This is an example for:
Ans A. Slander✔
X B. Battery
XC. Libel
X D. Assault

Q.40 An unimmunized pregnant woman reports for vaccination about 20 days prior to expected date of delivery. The nursing action will be to:
Ans A. Give two doses of tetanus toxoid with 2 weeks interval
B. Advise passive immunization after delivery
C. Give one dose of tetanus toxoid and advice the second dose after delivery✔
D. Give anti tetanus immunoglobulin

9.41 Aclinical sign that indicates the beginning of second stage of labour is:
Ans XA. gush of dark blood
B. change in uterine shape
C. bearing down reflex✔
D. passage of mucus plug

Q.42 The alert signs for ectopic pregnancy are:
Ans A. Amenorrhea and negative pregnancy test
XB. Prolonged epigastric pain and copious vaginal discharge
XC. Hyperemesis and weight loss
D. Abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and positive pregnancy test✔

Q.43 Amother in preterm labour receives injection Betamethasone 12mg. The action of this drug
is to:
Ans A. improve fetal wellbeing
XB. prevent infection
C. promote fetal lung maturity✔
XD. slow contractions

Q.44 Arriving at a general conclusion based on specific observations is:
Ans A. Inductive reasoning✔
X B. Deductive reasoning
XC. Critical thinking
X D. Convergent thinking

Q.45 A system of ventilation that blows fresh air into the room by centrifugal fans to create a
positive pressure and displace the vitiated air is:
Ans XA. Air conditioning ventilation
B. Plenum ventilation✔
XC. Exhaust ventilation
X D. Balanced ventilation

Q.46 Hard chancre appears in which stage of syphilis?
Ans XA. Latent
B. Secondary
XC. Tertiary
D. Primary✔

Q.47 Which electrolyte level should be checked by the nurse before administration of lithium toa
patient with manic episodes?
Ans A. Chloride
X B.Calcium
C. Potassium
D. Sodium✔

Q.48 If the number of deaths from dengue is expressed in relation to the total midyear
population, it is:
Ans A. Cause specific death rate✔
XB. Age specific death rate
XC.Case fatality rate
XD. Proportionate mortality rate

Q.49 A cultural barrier for communication is:
Ans XA. Congestion
B. Social class differences✔
XC. Emotional disturbances
XD. Hearing difficulty

Q.50 Status achieved by the individual by the virtue of birth is:
Ans XA. Attributed
X C. Achieved

Q.51 The irrational and intense fear of traveling is:
Ans A. Agarophobia
D. Thanatophobia

Q.52 All these are features of phenomenological study EXCEPT:
Ans XA. Describing
X B. Intuiting
XC. Bracketing
D. Emic-Etic perspective✔

Q.53 The temporary hardness of water is due to presence of:
Ans XA. Calcium sulphate
XB. Calcium chloride
C.Calcium bicarbonate✔
XD. Magnesium sulphate

Q.54 Which of these is a secondary stressor?
Ans XA. Ingested microorganisms
Xc. Death of a spouse
XD. Cold weather

Q.55 All of these are characteristics of ground water EXCEPT:
Ans XA. Cheapest source of water to small communities
B. Requires no water treatment
XC. High in mineral content
D. More prone for contamination than surface water✔

Q.56 The type of conflict a person experiences when he has two job options, one far away with
good salary package and one near without scope for growth is:
Ans A. Double Approach- approach
B. Approach- avoidance
C.Approach+ approach
D. Double Approach- Avoidance✔

Q.57 The pasteurization method of heating milk to 63 degrees for 30 minutes followed by sudden
cooling is:
Ans A. Radiation
XB. Ultra heat treatment
XD. High temperature short time

Q.58 Barbequing, a cooking method is a form of:
Ans XA. roasting
X B. baking
C. grilling✔
XD. sauteing

Q.59 Planfulness, order and systemization are associated with:
Ans XA. Two-way communication
X B. Serial communication
C. One-way communication✔
D. Interpersonal communication

Q.60 Which of these is an example for secondary reinforcer?
Ans A. Praising the child on completing task✔
XB. Extra feed for the dogs jumping act
XC.A chocolate to the child for finishing homework
D.A cup of water for the thirsty child

Q.61 The term cultural lag was coined by:
Ans XA. Max Weber
B. William Ogburn✔
Xc. Karl Marx
XD. Emile Durkheim

Q.62 The assignment by chance of intact groups of participants rather than individual
participants to treatment conditions is:
Ans A. Cluster randomization✔
XB. Quota sampling
XC. Cluster sampling9
XD. Cohort randomization

Q.63 The nurse observes the patient to be withdrawn and crying and conveys to the patient that
she seems to be sad today. The interviewing approach used hereis:
Ans A. Orienting
X B. Clarifying
X D. Examining

Q.64 Humoral immunity is mediated by:
Ans XA.T lymphocytes
X B. Suppressor T cells
X C. Natural killer cells
D. B lymphocytes✔

Q.65 The nursing action to be promoted fora child with high levels of increased intracranial
pressure is:
Ans A. Elevate head of bed to 20 degrees and position child so as to maintain head in
B. Suctioning every hourly as well as on demand
XC. Schedule range of motion exercises vigorously
X D. Elevate head of bed to 40 degrees and turn frequently from side to side

Q.66 The nurse analyzes data critically in this step of nursing process:
Ans A. Clustering
XB. Planning
XC. Assessment
D. Diagnosis✔

Q.67 The most appropriate nursing action for a newborn suspected to have trachea-esophageal
fistula is:
Ans A. encourage breast feeding on demand
B. place the baby in prone position with head elevated at 30 degrees✔
XC. prepare for insertion of gastrostomy tube
X D. institute positive pressure ventilation

Q.68 While assessing the neurological function of a patient, the nurse performs Romberg test as
a screening measurement for:
Ans XA. Sensation
X B. Coordination
XC. Muscle strength
D. Balance✔

Q.69 In which type of marriage the paring of male and female is temporary and not bounded by
rules and regulations?
Ans A. Punaluwan
XB. Walking
XC. Civil
D. Syndesmian✔

Q.70 The stage of interview that establishes the relationship between the nurse and the patient is
Ans A. Surogate stage
XB. Working stage
C.Opening stage✔
XD. Examining stage

Section: General Awareness Aptitude Reasoning Information Technology and Computing

Q.1 If black is called yellow, yellow is called red, red is called white, white ls called brown, brown
is called green, green is called orange, then what is the colour of blood?
Ans A yellow
XB. orange
D. white✔

Q.2 As announced in the Budget 2019, those earning Rs lakh will not have to pay tax, if
they invested in specified savings such as PF, PPE
Ans XA.5

Q.3 VLC media player is a free and open-source, cross-platform media player. VLC stands for
Ans XA. Video LAN Camera
B.Video LAN Client✔
XC. Video Line Camera
X D. Video Line Client

Q.4 Aprice of a product dropped twice to a total of 40% of the original price. The first drop was from Rs 1000 to Rs 800. How much was the second drop (in %) so as to show the affect of
the overall drop?
Ans XA. 37.50%
B. 50.00%✔
XC. 33.75%
X D. 40%

Q.5 Which of the following Venn diagrams best represents the relationship between Indians,
humans and Asians?

Q.6 Which of the following is not an example of Network Operating System ?
X B. Linux
XD. Mac os

Q.7 A good was marked up by 100% over the cost price. Thereafter, 3 successive discounts of
10%, 20% and 40% were applied. What is the loss percent?
Ans A. 13.20%
B. 13.60%✔
Xc. 12.60%
X D. 14.40%

Q.8 Fatehpur Sikri was built by the Mughal Emperor.
Ans A. Akbar✔
 B. Shah Jahan
C. Jahangi
D. Humayun

Q.9 What is the result when 0.123123123... is converted to a fraction?
Ans A. 41/999
B. 41/333✔
C. 123/333
D. 123/666

Q.10 Efeuroy4 T7, 35% UTT 1 T siT 20% BTETRTH TA EI aTTŽUT
Ans A. 10000✔
XB. 6000
XC. 7500
D. 9000

Q.11 Sattriya is a famous classical dance of-
Ans A. Kerala
C. Assam✔
XD. Tamil Nadu

Q.13 What is the current default format of an MS PowerPoint file?
Ans XA. pot
X B. potm
X C. pps
D. .-ppt✔

Q.14 The deepest trench of Atlantic Ocean is
Ans XA. Japan Trench
B.Puerto Rico Trench✔
XC. Tonga Trench
X D. Mariana Trench

Q.15 Find the value of X:
63/9x X/2+42/14 17
Ans A. 3
B. 4✔

Q.16 What is the capacity of a double sided single layer DVD?
Ans XA.9.3 GB
B. 9.4 GB✔
XC.9.1 GB
XD. 9.2 GB

Q.17 DVD was invented in the year.
Ans XA. 1994
XB. 1996
XD. 1993

Q.18 Convert 98 decimal to binary.
Ans XA. 1100011
C. 1100010✔
X D. 1100100

Q.19 Aworker travelled 176 kms in 19 hours. He travelled partly on foot at 8 kmph and partly on
bicycle at 11 kmph. Find the distance covered on foot.
Ans XA. 80 km
B. 64 km
XC.72 km
D. 88 km✔

Q.20 The Treaty of Allahabad was signed between Robert Clive and
Ans XA. Shivaji Maharaj
X 8. Hyder Ali
C. Shah Alam ✔
X D. Tipu Sultan

Q.21 Select the option that is related to the third number on the same basis as the second
number is related to the first number.
14:198 16:?
Ans XA 262
B. 258✔
XC. 260
X D. 256

Q.22 is a device that lays on the desktop and responds to pressure.
Ans XA. Scanners
XB. Joystick
XC. Mouse
D. Touch Pads✔

Q.23 The headquarter of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is located in
Ans A. Geneva
B. Vienna✔
XC. Washington D.C.
XD. New York

Q.24 Article 29-30 deals with the-
Ans A. Right to Equality
X B. Right against Exploitation
Xc. Right to Property
D. Right to minorities✔

Q.25 UV radiation from the Sun are absorbed in the. raising its temperature to
hundreds or at times thousands of degrees.
Ans A. Mesosphere
B. Thermosphere✔
XC. Troposphere
XD. Stratosphere

Q.26 In 1984, the original HP Laserjet printer was introduced using.
Ans XA. Post Script
B. Printer Command Language✔
Xc. Pre Script
X D. Printer Control Language

Q.29 The cost of 28 books and 12 pens is Rs 7356. What is the cost of 7 books and 3 pens?
Ans XA. Rs 1432
B.Rs 1839
Xc. Rs 1331
X D. Rs 1226

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